Does the Carat Weight of your Diamond Really Matter?

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Carat weight is one of the most important and notable features when it comes to diamonds. Note that 4C’s of a diamond comprise cut, clarity, color, and carat weight of the stone. Obviously, you would have to seek help from trained people in order to properly evaluate these diamond characteristics. In fact, some diamond ring buyers are not familiar with the aspects of cut, clarity, and color. They only look at the carat weight of their diamond.

Furthermore, the carat weight of a diamond plays a significant role when it comes to its value. It is to be noted that larger diamonds are really rare and hence, the value of a diamond would go higher with its carat weight. Usually, a 1 carat ring is regarded as the standard option, and anything that weighs more than 3ct is considered as a bigger diamond. Such stones would be really expensive.

However, choosing bigger diamonds does not necessarily give you the best value, because the overall look of a diamond is determined by the combined effect of all its 4C’s. That is, it would be an absolute waste if you chose a huge diamond that featured poor cut, clarity, or color, since bigger size tends to magnify even the tiniest flaws in a gemstone.

The Significance of Diamond Carat Weight

Most people inquire about the carat weight of a diamond since it would directly reflect on the price as well as the appeal of the sparkler. Plus, many societies tend to analyze the status of a person by display of wealth. Most consumers prefer a bigger diamond which lets them show off there. On top of that, marketing strategies from diamond merchants including clichéd lines such as “bigger is always better”, “the more you love me, the bigger will be the diamond”, etc, add to the significance of diamond carat weight.

How to Calculate the Carat Weight of a Diamond

Even though people usually go for 1 carat ring or bigger options, they may not have a clear idea about the actual weight of their diamonds. Technically, a one ct diamond is equivalent to 200 milligrams. That is, you own 0.2 grams of diamond by purchasing a one ct diamond. Furthermore, gemstones that weigh less than 1ct are often have their weights expressed in terms of points. Note that 1 point is equivalent to 0.01 ct. The same way, 0.5 ct will be equivalent to 5 points, and 0.25 ct will be equal to 25 points.

Things you Need to Know about the Carat Weight of Diamonds

The most popular carat weights for diamonds include 1ct, 3ct, 5ct, etc. You would have noticed that the options such as 0.48ct, 0.96 ct, etc., are rarely available in jewelry stores. Actually, such odd diamond carat weights would look almost similar to the nearest adjacent popular weights, such as one ct diamond, 0.5 c, etc. However, the former would not fetch as much money as the so-called magic carat weights. Hence, most diamond jewelers do not entertain odd-weighted diamonds. In fact, most jewelers tend to cut diamonds in ways that let them retain as much rough weight as possible, even at the expense of cut quality and clarity grade. Needless to say, buying such diamonds would be a sheer waste of your money.

Diamond Carat Weight and Size

The size of a diamond matters more than its carat weight. Many diamond buyers harbor the misconception that the carat weight of a diamond and its size are the same. Actually, these two features are entirely different. However, you can get an idea about the size of a diamond by checking its carat weight. Moreover, different gemstones with the same carat weight may show a dramatic difference when it comes to size. This is because of their varying densities. It will be worth noting that the size of a one ct diamond will look entirely different from that of an opal stone of similar carat weight.

Going the other way, diamonds with the same densities and carat weights can differ in size. This is because of the variation in their diamond cut and shape. One of the finer examples is a shallow cut one ct diamond that can create an illusion of a bigger diamond. Nevertheless, a diamond that is cut too shallow will not reflect a good amount of light and hence, it will look dull or lifeless.

When it comes to diamond shapes, the more elongated options such as marquise, oval, baguette, etc, can create an illusion of bigger size next to conventional diamond shapes with the same carat weights. Apart from this, the finger type of the wearer as well would affect the perceived size of a diamond. Note that a 1 carat ring will look much bigger on a person with a slim ring finger. Ideally, a good diamond seller will explain all such details and their implications. This is crucial if it is your first diamond purchase.

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