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Although diamonds symbolize the love and commitment of a couple, it is very common that the first thing that people ask about your diamond is its carat weight. Hence, there is no denying the fact that it is a common thing to worry about the size of the diamond. Below is a discussion on which size is considered perfect.

Average Size of a Diamond in an Engagement Ring

Studies suggest that about 47% brides agree that the size of their rings mattered a lot to them. So whether it is a 1 carat ring or a 3 carat one, the size inevitably counts for them to flaunt it with pride.

Diamonds are available in numerous varieties of style, weight, and cuts. People choose them according to the taste of their partners. Some choose to add features that relate to the personality of the wearer. However, it is seen that the most diamonds bought fall into a specific range of weight; but that too, is different in different regions of the world.

For instance, the average size of diamond rings is 0.3 carats in Japan, while it is 0.5 carats in China, 0.6 carats in Europe, and 0.9 carats in America. Across all the different cities of America, the average value remains close to the 1 carat point. This roughly gives an idea of what the average size of a diamond is considered to be in the US.

Diamond Weight in a Luxury Ring

It is common that you buy 1 carat diamond or something slightly less than that for the better economic feasibility of the purchase. However, it is seen that luxury diamonds are made in all ranges of carat weight. Celebrities are seen spending huge sums to get big diamonds that are not commonly used. The main reason is the fact that they want it to be a statement piece.

Note that carat is the measure of the weight of the diamond. However, carat is sometimes measured in size for general comparison. As a general rule, a 1 carat diamond is of the size of a pencil head. In other words, a 1 carat diamond sums up to 0.256 inches. Similarly, a 2 carat diamond measures 0.32 inches on a scale, but the size may vary depending on the cut. The above sizes are based on the assumption that 4 nickels are stacked together for a 1 carat diamond.

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