About Us

Most people that are unsatisfied with a ring purchase have lack of preparedness to blame. You could walk into a jewelry store and pay a huge fortune on a sparkly ring you just saw, and still be left feeling like you could have got something better for a lower price. As it turns out, that feeling is justified for most people. Diamonds are pretty much a run-of-the-mill commodity in this respect – ample knowledge is usually the only thing preventing you from being ripped off.

Various factors need to be considered before you buy a diamond ring. Some cuts and shapes, for example, only remain in style for a short time, which means there are stones whose value would drop if you waited long enough. In other words, diamonds may be forever, but cuts are not. Choosing based on this can spare you tremendous undue expense, and that money could be put to use on other important things in life. Meanwhile, know-how on picking out a beautiful ring among the affordable options, lets you ensure you walk away a satisfied customer.

For example, white diamonds with absolutely no color in them are worth a lot more than ones containing even the slightest hues. This is because the former are technically purer, as chemical impurities are what cause diamond coloration in the first place. Knowing this is important when comparing stones of vitally different color grades – you do not want to end up paying a hefty sum for something that is obviously blue or yellow, or any one of a variety of other colors. Based on internal color, diamonds are graded from D through Z, the ends of the range standing for “white” and “light color” respectively. True fancy colored diamonds get graded on a whole other color scale, so if you are buying one, you need to expect a different way of comparing stones.

When it comes to knowledge about diamonds, the above example is just the tip of a gigantic iceberg. Stretch that metaphor and think of us as an ice cube company, serving you conveniently sized, useful bits of the knowledge you need to navigate the world of diamonds, and helping you get to where you are headed. You may not be able to afford the rarest gem in the world, but you can make sure what you do get is worth every penny you spend on it.