All You Need To Know About 1-Carat Diamonds

1 Carat Diamond Ring
Buy 1-Carat Diamond
Buy 1-Carat Diamond

Diamonds are costly. They are so expensive that only millionaires can afford a 5-carat diamond engagement ring. This is the reason why the middle-class tends to buy 1-carat diamond. They are pretty, made in different designs, widely available, and most importantly, affordable. While wearing a huge diamond make people look at you in wonder, the design of a 1-carat diamond will also make heads turn. Being rich does not guarantee you will find the accessory of dreams, but having a wide number of choice increases the chances of you getting what you want. Here are a few questions that people ask before purchasing 1-carat diamonds.

How Big Is A 1-Carat Diamond?

Carat is the standard unit of measurement for diamonds. A 1-carat diamond will weigh 200 milligrams or in other words, 0.2 grams and will measure about 0.6mm. A 2-carat diamond is approximately 0.8mm.

What Is The Cost Of A One Carat Diamond Ring?

The price of the diamond ornament will depend on the 4 C’s- carat, clarity, color, and cut. Carat is just one of the factors that determine the cost of a diamond. However, the cost of a 1-carat diamond ring is around $1200 which can vary depending on the place you are buying it from.

The cost of a one-carat diamond will depend on which “C” you prioritize among the four C’s. Two diamonds of the same weight can cost different if they are of different colors!

How Can I Save Money?

Buying a diamond, even as light as a 1-carat can put a huge dent in your pockets. If you are not that fixated with the idea of getting a 1-carat diamond, why not go for one that weighs less? Especially, diamonds that weigh a few milligrams lesser than 0.2 grams will also cost cheaper. Get a diamond that weighs 0.96 grams and save your money!

  • Buy diamonds just under the breaking point like 0.95 grams
  • Buy a diamond ring with a halo engagement ring setting
  • Choosing a diamond ring with three stone setting will make it look bigger

You can also spend less by compromising on other qualities instead of weight.-

  • Choose an H color diamond
  • Choose a diamond that does not have many facets and uses more rough material.

Buy fluorescent diamonds as they cost less.

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