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Black rings are one of the most unique wedding ring trends due to the character of mystery they possess. There are different alloys, processes, and metals used to make them. Although most of them look similar, there are a lot of differences between them. Below is a discussion on Black Metal Rings and their most prominent types used for one ct diamond.

Important Facts of Black Metal Rings

  • Black rings cannot be re-sized.
  • Once broken, black rings cannot be fixed.
  • In the event of an emergency, black rings cannot be cut off. Instead, they need to be smashed off.

Below are some of the most important considerations to remember before buying black metal for your 1 carat ring.

Durability – this should primarily be checked based on the Mohs scale if hardness. This is a gauge of resistance that is offered by a smooth surface to abrasion or scratching action. It is calculated on a scale from 1 to 10.

Hypoallergenic Properties – certain black metal rings are hypoallergenic. They will not cause any allergic reactions and you do not have to worry.

Availability – you need to consider if the ring design of your choice is available beside you in stores and online

Cost – Cost of diamonds could be subjective. You can choose the one that suits your budget and the necessary characteristics.

Below are two of the most popular types of Black metals.

Black Titanium Rings

Black Titanium is made by coating titanium with another substance which gives it a black color. This is usually black rhodium. This is similar to black gold and the plating has less durability than a solid alloy or a metal. As a result, the chances of chipping while use is high and this may show the titanium color from the insides. The main advantage is that they are affordable. They are not hypo-allergenic and have a Mohs ranking of 6.

Black Stainless Steel Rings

Black Stainless Steel is created by anodizing regular stainless steel. This brings about the black shade. When you anodize the surface of the metal the electrochemical process provides the shade while keeping the composition of the metal unchanged. These are also comparatively affordable. Note that they have low scratch resistance and are also not very durable.

Black metal rings have a mysterious look that no other color can bring to your fingers. Make sure you consider the above factors before buying one of them.

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