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One Carat Diamond
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Diamond engagement rings are often among the most prized possessions of couples who have been together anywhere from a month to several decades. These hold a significance both emotionally and financially. If you are looking for one to propose with, then it bears making sure you get something truly phenomenal. Sadly, expensive pricing often gets in the way of that. Note that the main thing which spikes up the price of a diamond ring is its carat weight. A one carat diamond is an okay option for an engagement ring these days, while something higher than 3 ct is more desirable and sought after.

Fortunately, there are certain ways to bring about the illusion of a bigger diamond ring, which could rival most of the celebrated diamond rings out there. Given below are some of those amazing tips you can follow to make your 1 ct diamond ring look bigger.

Go For the Best Diamond Cut

The cut is a vital factor which directly affects both sparkle and visual appeal when it comes to a diamond. Because of that, you must never compromise on this aspect. In fact, you should always choose the best cut when picking out a diamond. Note that any stone would reflect light based on its facet order and proportions, symmetry, and organization. Additionally, a diamond which reflects more light would appear bigger than its actual carat weight. In short, go for an ideal cut diamond for better light performance which can, in turn, enhance the size of your center stone.

In order to ensure you are dealing with a diamond possessing the best cut, refer to the diamond certificate. Plus, inspect the gemstone under expert supervision for better clarity. Unsurprisingly, most professionals recommend that their customers purchase round brilliant diamonds, since these look bigger than actual.

Consider Elongated Diamond Cuts

Another way to achieve the appearance of a bigger diamond is by choosing elongated fancy cut diamonds. Some of the ideal options under this include oval cut diamonds, pear cut diamonds, marquise cut diamonds, emerald cut diamonds, baguettes, etc. The elongated silhouette of these diamonds would cover most of the surface area of the wearer’s finger, creating the illusion of a bigger diamond ring. Besides, this elongated structure is perfect to flatter short and wide fingers. In addition, these options are very affordable when compared to traditional round brilliant cut diamond rings. The uniqueness of fancy cut stones as well, adds to popularity. Generally, you can go in for elongated fancy cut diamonds without any second thoughts, if your better half has short or wide fingers and craves something unique.

Steer Away from Cushion Cut Diamonds

Just like some diamond cuts tend to boost up the overall size of the gemstone, there are certain diamonds cuts which work the opposite way. One of those is the cushion diamond. Note that most of the bulk in cushion cut diamonds is concentrated at the bottom, making the stone look smaller than its actual carat weight. Usually, a cushion cut one carat diamond would offer the appearance of a 0.9ct diamond, or one smaller than that. Additionally, cushion cut diamonds are among the most expensive cuts and hence, would not be suitable for buyers looking for affordable options as a high priority.

Act Strategically; Choose Prong Settings

The way a diamond is set can also act heavily on the visual appeal of the stone, especially regarding its apparent size. If you intend to make your one carat diamond look even bigger, one of the easiest ways to get there is using delicate prongs for added security. With a lower number of prongs, you can make sure a higher area of the diamond stayed exposed. This would enhance the ability of the diamond to reflect light and thereby, create an illusion of bigger stone. Additionally, the delicate and slender prongs would highlight the center stone to the fullest. However, make sure that the diamond you choose is physically well-protected, no matter how many prongs you decide to go with. Furthermore, it is ideal to use prongs made of platinum metal or white gold, because these would not detract as much from the main gemstone. Just ensure that the diamond is devoid of obvious inclusions or color tints, since lustrous metal settings tend to emphasize such imperfections.

Lustrous Metal Band Settings

Just like with the prongs, it is advisable to go in for a lustrous white metal choice for the band of your ring as well. The superlative option for this is platinum. Note that the mirror-like reflection of platinum metal would add to the overall bling factor of your center diamond, while also making it look bigger than its actual carat weight. Besides, you could highlight the center diamond to best effect by choosing a delicate metal band setting as well.

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