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Diamonds are naturally formed substances and so, there are number of flaws that occur during their formation. Diamond flaws confirm that they are not imitation diamonds and that they are authentic. Besides, they also help you identify diamonds from each other. Flawless diamonds are extremely expensive. Therefore, it is better to settle for diamonds with flaws that do not affect aesthetics. Below is a discussion of some of the most common flaws found when you buy a one carat diamond.

Pinpoints & Clouds

Pinpoints are small mineral crystal inclusion found within the diamond. It is also possible that they are diamond crystal. They are usually not bigger than a speck of dust, making it difficult to spot them. Sometimes Pinpoints occur in groups or cluster. Due to their small size, they appear like haze and are referred to as clouds.


Raw crystals are minerals embedded in a gemstone in their natural state. These could even be diamonds. Types of crystal inclusions are:

•    The dark crystal which ranges from medium to dark color tone.

•    Needle crystals which are narrow and long, and are shaped like rods.

•    Knot crystals which reach the surface of the diamonds and resemble a knot in the wood.

In rare cases, these may help diamonds look more attractive when they are shaped like a heart, dolphin, or any fancy shape. When they appear as colored, they are considered as an additional crystal seated inside the diamond.


A feather is a diamond inclusion which looks like a void or a separated area inside the internal structure of the diamond. They are difficult to detect with naked eyes. However, it is possible to spot large feathers inside diamonds of clarity grade SI.

Twinning Wisps & Grain Lines

Twinning wisps are referred to the strings of small clouds or pinpoints. These could also be crystals which formed as a result of an uneven crystal structure. Grain lines and grain line groupings are usually colorless and nearly impossible to detect. Such imperfections may have resulted from a natural disruption from thousands of years ago.

Indented Naturals

This is a dent found within the actual diamond. It appears with a section of the unpolished surface of the diamond which is left free on purpose. This is usually spotted near the girdle area.

It is important to know about the flaws of a diamond before you purchase your best 1 carat engagement ring. Make sure you go through the above list for a basic idea regarding them.

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