How Is Coronavirus Spread


The coronavirus has been spreading across the world for past few weeks and it has reached about 138 countries till now. Presently, most of the governments are engaged in efforts of containing the diseases caused by this virus. As per the records, more than 10000 people have died due to diseases caused by coronavirus and more than 150000 people are still suffering from this infection. Even the World Health Organization has declared coronavirus as a pandemic.

How Is This Disease Spread?

The COVID-19 spreads from person to person who interact with each other very closely. The spread of this disease is similar to that of other respiratory illnesses. When an infected person sneezes or coughs, the droplets of bodily fluids like mucus or saliva will get into the air or to the nearby surface. The virus will enter the body of another person when this person makes contact with these droplets. As per the reports, the droplets dispersed from an infected person can get suspended in the air for a few minutes.

How Can We Stop The Spread?

The best way to stop the spread of coronavirus is by keeping away from infected people. It can only spread from person to person interacting closely, therefore if we avoid such interactions, it will help in restricting the infection. Another method is wearing face masks. It will protect us from the droplets reaching our nose or mouth. Face mask is a cheap and effective tool that is available in both general stores and also at online sites like  Last, but not the least, the uninfected people must make sure to wash their hands before having food or touching the face. It will also prevent the virus from entering our body.

How Can It Be Cured?

Presently, there are no vaccines or medicines for the treatment of this disease. In most of the cases, the infection and the symptoms will be healed if the infected person takes proper rest and also if he or she follow a healthy diet. But if the condition is severe, that is if it has infected the respiratory systems, it is mandatory to seek medical attention or else it can be fatal. However, one thing must be kept in mind that diseases caused by this virus are not always severe but its spreading rate is dangerous. Therefore, it is necessary to use face mask to prevent this infection.

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