How To Give A Bigger Appearance To Your Diamond Ring?

One Carat Diamond
One Carat Diamond
One Carat Diamond

A lot of people dream about having a big diamond ring for their engagement, but unfortunately, it might not be an option for some people, as diamonds are very costly. Bigger diamonds will be high in carat weights and the price of a diamond will rise with the increase in carat weight. Therefore, not everyone can afford big diamonds.

However, you can increase the size of your engagement ring with the aid of some simple tricks, which are listed below:

Be Wise When You Choose The Shape Of Your Diamond

There is a wide range of diamond shapes that you can choose from. But the mass of each shape will be distributed in different ways. Some diamond shapes will have more weight distributed on the top of the diamond, whereas, some others will have more of their weight centered on the pavilion.

For example, shapes including marquise, oval, pear, and emerald diamonds will have the largest look when compared to round or princess diamonds. Hence, a 1 carat oval diamond will look bigger than a 1 carat round diamond.

Give Priority To Cut

The cut of a diamond is an important factor that decides how well it will sparkle. A diamond that is cut well will exhibit more sparkle and brilliance. The extra sparkle can give a bigger illusion to the diamond.

Choose Elongated Diamond Shapes

Elongated diamond cuts will have a larger appearance when compared to round shapes. So choosing oval, emerald, or marquise diamonds can give a bigger appearance for your one carat diamond than its actual weight.

Choose Slender Prongs

Big prongs will cover your diamond more thereby reducing the amount of light entering the stone and its visibility. This can reduce the brilliance of the diamond and give it a small appearance. So if you want to show off your center stone, it is better to go for slender prongs.

Choose Rings With Fewer Prongs

If the number of prongs is low, it will provide more visibility to your stone. So it is better to opt for rings with fewer prongs. However, be aware that you will be compromising on the safety of the stone when you reduce the number of prongs.

Choose A White Metal

A white metal will enhance the brilliance of a diamond thereby giving it a bigger illusion. So choose white gold or platinum for your diamond ring if you want to give it a larger appearance.

These tricks will help you to get bigger diamond rings for affordable rates so that you won’t have to spend all your life’s savings on the engagement ring.

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