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Although it sounds risky investing really huge sums of money on something as small as diamonds, more and more people are turning to this option with a vigor these days. The quality of the diamonds can be assessed with quite ease thanks to the standard system introduced by the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) in recent decades. The cost of each diamond can be measured using this method. Listed below are some criteria to check out whether you really have found a “good” diamond to buy.


This criterion need not be explained in depth, because it is well known to most diamond buyers. It is included in the popular 4Cs that form the prime standards in the diamond industry. More clarity means fewer inclusions or flaws. In this sense, diamonds can be flawless (FL) at best or included (I3) at worst. When buying online, it is smart ensure you choose something at or near the former.

Fluorescence of the Material

It is basically the bluish content in diamonds, which could make them look whiter from actually being a bit yellowish. Furthermore, the color blue is complementary to white, which is a good thing. Meanwhile, the presence of bluishness may make them seem impure, and the value of the diamond could be affected therein.

Carat weight of the diamond

The price of the diamond would depend on its size. For example, a 1 carat diamond ring price would be lesser than that of 2-carat stud earring. Furthermore, larger diamonds would cost more than the smaller crystals or stones.

Laser Inscription

Certain number or coding would be laser- inscribed, which is known as the grading report number of that particular diamond. These inscriptions can be viewed with 10X magnification, which at the time of the purchase can be requested specifically. This is done to check whether quality matches the GIA report of that specific diamond.


This grading of diamonds can be easily chosen as a criterion to select the best gem available in the market. It would cost extra while grading a diamond from the labs, which may vary in different labs. The extra expense is added to the cost of the diamond online, and that could confuse the buyer.

Cut of the Diamond

The evolution of rough stone into a beautiful diamond is directly linked to the perfect suiting cut of the material. That measures the level of its brilliance. A poorly cut diamond may not strictly be a one carat diamond; it may in reality weigh a bit less. Nevertheless, in the webpage showing the ad, the diamond would still be touted as weighing one carat.

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