Tips to Craft a Budget for your Diamond Engagement Ring

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One Carat Diamond
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So, you finally found out the one with whom you would like to grow old with and you are all set to propose to her? Congrats! You are done with one of the most nerve-wracking decisions in your life. It’s time for you to relax now since the verdict is totally up to your beautiful partner now. But, you must make sure to stage a grand proposal scene to sweep her off her feet and make her say ‘I do’ on the big day. Fortunately, you have all the necessary information at your disposal to achieve this objective.

Needless to mention, it might cost you a whopping sum of money if you planning it the grand way, especially the diamond engagement ring. Most people may hardly find this overwhelming. After all, the thought of doing it for someone with whom you are going to spend the rest of your life may override the financial factors. Hence, most guys tend to leave no stones unturned to choose the best of the best options when it comes to their symbol of love that surfs several emotions.

Plus, most people think that an extravagant and stunning diamond engagement ring will up their chances. On top of that, there are some common rules when it comes to purchasing a diamond engagement ring, particularly the three months’ salary and 1 carat ring rules. However, this shall not pressure you to go overboard and purchase a sparkler that you cannot afford to prove your role as a potential husband.

Girls indeed tend to easily fall for resplendent diamond rings, but at the end of the day, it is the emotions that matters the most. Plus, you can always upgrade your diamond ring in the future when you become financially stable. If you are wondering about the perfect budget for your diamond engagement ring purchase, the answer is something that you can afford or will not put you in debt.

It is to be noted that once you are engaged, you will have to take care of numerous financial obligations such as multiple wedding ceremonies, honeymoon, wedding ring, house, vehicle, etc. So, it doesn’t make any sense to be indebted or spend all your savings on a diamond engagement ring. Additionally, no woman would want her future spouse to be in debt so that she can own a scintillating diamond ring.

When it comes to the money that a person with average salary scale must spend on a one carat diamond ring, the standard option is around 30% of your overall savings. The point is to never to compromise on your lifestyle to purchase a diamond ring. Again, it is up to your personal preference since the stories of every couple will not be the same.

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