What Gives That ‘Diamond Like Sparkle’?

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Brilliant Cut Diamond Ring
Brilliant Cut Diamond Ring

The diamond is only as good as the hands of the cutter working on it. No matter how magnificently large the diamond is, or how little of inclusions and imperfections it has; if it falls in the hands of someone inexperienced who doesn’t understand how to bring out the true beauty in diamond, that beauty is lost.

The Cut Matters Most

This is the design or the style that is applied to the diamond before the process of polishing it. Many people might confuse the cut to be the shape of diamond; they are two very different things. The cut is in relation to the carat size of the diamond and the polish. We can simply say that- better the cut, better will be the sparkle. Last I checked, that is why people buy diamonds- for the sparkle.

The saying- “a diamond in the rough”- a person who has good character and potential, but lacks at the moment, stands true to diamonds obviously. Without the proper ‘polishing and tweaking’, you will not end up with the brilliant cut diamond ring that catches everyone’s attention.

The cut and polish of the diamond are achieved in the following steps:

  • Plan
  • Cleave
  • Brut
  • Polish
  • Inspect

The stage of planning requires time and due diligence. It is important to not rush the planning stage. Once the plan is set in place as to how to cut and begin sawing and cleaving the piece, the execution part begins.

The sawing and cleaving stage involves the rough stone being split so as to allow it to be cut better, due to better access. Nowadays, laser cutters are used although mechanical ones are also very much in use. Then the process of grinding or bruting is performed- this is to round off the sharp edges of the diamond piece. To do so, diamonds are placed opposite one another on a rotating axle, and the gems are made to grind against one another.

Next is the step to create diamond facets. This is done by means of polishing, with a rotating wheel. The polishing results in a reflective and smooth surface. This is also the stage where the brilliance of the diamond is enhanced.

The final stage of inspection involves close study to ensure that all the manufacturing requirements are met. After all these steps, what you end up with is a sparkling real diamond, one that makes you gasp in astonishment.

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