Which Is Better: Marquise Or Pear Cut Diamonds?

1 Carat Engagement Ring
1 Carat Engagement Ring
1 Carat Engagement Ring

The look of marquise and pear cut diamonds is so similar that deciding between them can be challenging. Both of these diamond cuts are exquisite and attractive, with a traditional appearance. They’re adaptable to a variety of ring settings, and their relative price compared to many more popular types of cuts makes them a good alternative if you’re searching for a unique ring design at a fair price.

If you are looking for a pear cut 1 carat diamond ring or a marquise cut 1 carat engagement ring, you have to do proper research and find out which of these diamond cuts is better than the other. Keep reading this article to know about the different features of marquise cut and pear cut diamonds.

Pear Cut Diamonds

Pear cut diamonds have one pointed and one curved end and are a cross between marquise and round diamonds. Pear diamonds are so named because of their ‘pear’ shape, however, they are also known as ‘teardrop’ diamonds. Pear-shaped diamonds are first introduced centuries ago and have a history of almost 500 years. It has a superb cut with 58 facets. Pear cut diamonds, while frequently used as the main stone, are also lovely as accent stones.

Since this diamond cut is all about proportion and alignment, cutting a pear-shaped diamond necessitates expertise. Because even the tiniest misalignment can be evident in pear cuts, symmetry is essential. Since there are no straight edges on the cut’s sides, the tip of the pear should completely match the tip of the curve.

Marquise Cut Diamonds

The marquise cut diamond has been popular since the 1700s when it was inspired by the lips of Madame de Pompadour. She was King Louis XV of France’s mistress. The cut is circular in shape with 2 pointed ends and has 56 facets. The best ratio for marquise cuts is 1.75 to 2.25, however, this, like the pear cut, is a personal preference. The brilliance of marquise diamonds is unrivaled. The cut enhances the diamond’s size, making it look bigger than it actually is.

Marquise cuts, like pear cuts, can have the infamous bowtie, which can detract from the cut’s brilliance. Flawless proportion is also important, as any symmetry flaws are easily noticeable and give the ring an uneven appearance. Marquise-cut engagement rings give the wearer’s hands a thinner appearance and give the design a classy, vintage vibe. In recent years, this cut has regained popularity, making it an excellent choice for an unconventional engagement ring.

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