Which is the Most Expensive Cut for a Diamond?

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Usually, all the 4 C’s are deemed equally important in determining the price of diamonds. However, due to the modern changes in demand in the market, certain cuts are now regarded costlier than the rest. Below is a discussion on the different cuts of diamonds that are the most expensive today.

Which is the Most Expensive Cut in Diamonds?

The answer to this question is clear: round brilliant diamonds. Most of the people look for maximum brilliance in their diamonds. Round brilliant diamonds provide just that. It is a favorite among women too. In fact, more than 75% couples buy round brilliant engagement rings to flaunt on their big day. On account of its popularity, the prices of these are the highest.

Another reason why round cuts are expensive is their making. While a round cut diamond is created, a lot of rough diamond is wasted to get that perfect shape. This is worth a large amount of money, and that clearly reflects on its final price.

The round brilliant cut has 58 facets, each crafted to perfection. Each facet acts as a prism, taking in the light and scattering the light back out to create the brilliance. Brides adore the sparkle of these diamonds to the core.

Princess Cut Diamonds

This is the second most popular diamond cut available today. It blends well with the traditional look as well as the modern style. Its distinct feature is the accurate cut. The length-to-width ratio is followed with great care while the square-ish shape is crafted out of the diamonds. If the ratio does not match, the diamond ends up looking odd.

The princess cut is effective in masking imperfections, even though it accentuates the lower color grade. Yet again, princess cut diamonds with inclusions on the edges should be avoided at any cost, as they could be vulnerable to more damages by snagging onto things like your clothes.

Since there is much less wastage of rough diamonds during the cutting process of princess cut diamonds, they are placed much lower in the price chart than the round brilliant cut diamonds.

Oval Cut Diamonds

The oval cut diamonds comes third in terms of being expensive. They are similar in many aspects to the round brilliant cut, except that they have an elongated shape. This elongation stops light from refracting as efficiently, and hence, the brilliance of oval cut diamonds is lower than what a round cut diamond exhibits.

Oval cut diamonds are also lower in demand, and this affects their price. In fact, these are much cheaper when compared to round shaped as well as princess cut diamonds.

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