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Two of the biggest trends in diamond engagement rings are the oval and pear cuts. Both belong to the fancy shape family. So, if you are looking to save some money, you would want to purchase an oval or pear diamond. That is particularly true at a relatively lower clarity grade such as “VS2”. Both shapes create an effect where the wearer’s ring finger appears thinner and longer.

Oval Diamonds

The oval shape offers a distinctive alternative to the traditional princess and round cuts. It tends to be cheaper than both those classic diamond cuts. The oval diamond when worn gives the illusion of being bigger than the round brilliant cut counterpart. This is since the oval diamond weighing the same as the round one has slightly more surface area. When you compare a round one carat diamond to an oval cut stone of the same weight, you will find the latter to be a more value for money option.

Round diamonds are a perfect circle, but the oval stones come with a large number of customizations, so you can choose how thin and how long you want the latter to be.

A diamond with a length to width ratio of 1.35:1.50 or so produces the optimal effect of elongation. The ideal depth of it is between 67% and 57%.

Pear Diamonds

This diamond cut is also referred to as the “teardrop”. It makes an asymmetrical diamond with a perfectly round base and a pointed tip. Like the oval diamond, it is also usually cheaper compared to the round brilliant one of the same weight. The form creates a unique and elegant shape, which evokes a truly vintage feel.

A depth between 72% and 54% and a length to width ratio of around 1.55:1.75 are the ideal dimensions for a pear diamond. These dimensions ensure the stone reflects the light radiantly and does not appear too slender or stubby.

The Diamond Bow Tie Effect

Oval and pear shapes create a stunning and unique engagement ring, which reflects your personality, but you have to be wary of this effect. If either of the diamonds is poorly cut, then it will have visible bow-tie-like shadows at the center. This feature will limit the ability of the diamond to reflect the light the way it is supposed to.

While most ovals and pears have some amount of this effect, you want to ensure that it is as trivial as possible.

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