Buying an Eco-Friendly Engagement Ring for the Ethical Bride

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Today, most people are more conscious about environmental protection. As diamonds’ and other precious metals’ mining create a lot of environmental issues, many people are choosing eco-friendly jewelry over ornaments made with mined stones and metals. Following are some great options for buying an engagement ring for your bride if she is ethically-minded.

Recycled Metal

Many jewelers now offer recycled metals for your jewelry. You can have any metals including silver, gold, or even platinum and palladium, fully recycled. In this way you can avoid the use of a new metal for your ring. The recycled metal will not have any difference when compared to new metal. Therefore, this option will make your engagement ring a little more environmental friendly.

When you shop for your engagement ring, you can specifically ask the jeweler for recycled metal, or if you have an old ring, you can take it to the jeweler for recycling it. If you go for a custom made engagement ring, then metal recycling is easier to include in your design.

Buy Antique

This is a great option for making your engagement eco-friendly, together with providing it a unique charm and elegance. These rings would of course be pre-owned, and have intriguing and exquisite designs carried over from past eras. Antique jewelry will be usually handmade and showcase wonderful craftsmanship.

Conflict-Free Stones

You might have come across the term “conflict diamonds” when shopping for engagement rings. These diamonds and gemstones are mined in countries that were actively engaged in civil wars around the globe. The sale of these stones was used for funding wars, and hence caused human suffering and crimes. Those who are ethical tend to avoid these stones as they are from a non-ethical source.

The Kimberley process that was introduced in the year 2003 created a certification process for making it possible to trace the origin of the diamonds. Through this process, the entire journey of a diamond can be traced from the mine to the jeweler’s window. This helped to prevent the conflict stones from entering the market to a great extent. However, it couldn’t completely eliminate the use of conflict diamonds.

Hence, when you buy diamond rings, make sure that the stones are ethically mined. Many jewelers are dedicated to avoiding the use of conflict stones. Hence, if you select such a jeweler, you can make sure that your stones are conflict-free.

Use Man-Made Diamonds

These are diamonds that are developed inside a laboratory. This will help you to avoid the use of mined stones. The greatest advantage of these stones is that they have the same chemical and physical properties when compared to natural diamonds, hence look the same. Therefore, you will get an ethical engagement ring with the same effect a ring with mined stones will provide.

These diamonds are also cheaper than natural stones. Hence you would be able to get a one carat ring for a lower rate when compared to buying a mined full carat diamond.

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