Choosing the Best Diamond Engagement Ring in a Time Crux Situation

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One can fall in love in the blink of an eye. There is a moment when the feeling that this is the person you need to grow old with strikes you irrespective of whether you are dating her for years or just a few days. Love is indeed unpredictable. Once you realize your feeling for your partner, you are most likely to be dying to propose to her with the best bling in the world. Of course, you will have to take multiple factors into accounts such as her personality, lifestyle, profession, interests, and whatnot while choosing a diamond ring for her. After all, diamond engagement rings are meant for a lifetime.

Choose the best diamond ring within a limited time window

As mentioned earlier, love is likely to happen all of a sudden and most couples are unlikely to get enough time to ponder on the above-mentioned factors. In simple words, some couples are likely to face a time crux situation when choosing out-of-the-world diamond engagement rings for their sweethearts. In most cases, people tend to choose the time between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day to stage their grand proposal scene that exudes nothing but love. The reason for this is pretty obvious; the nation tends to transform into a romantic holiday spot with amazing lighting and other attractions during this three-month period. Hence, it will be easier for the guys to nail the task.

However, it is not a wise option to wait for this time to think about the type of sparkler you need to buy. Note that even though three months seems to be pretty long, these months are most likely to pass in a jiffy, especially because of all the hustle and bustle of the holidays. This will leave with you with little to no time window to decide on the right way to choose a diamond engagement ring for your sweetie. If you are also facing such a time crunch and would like to hit the Valentine’s Day deadline, you will have to act fast. Some of the helpful tips that you may consider in this case are listed below.

Figure out your diamond engagement ring budget

The first step that you must consider to narrow down your diamond ring selection is your budget. Note that it will be heartbreaking to know that the sparkler that you choose after an extensive search does not fit in your budget. In most cases, people are likely to choose one ct diamond ring with a solitaire setting. However, solitaire rings tend to be expensive and people with a tight budget are recommended to consider multi-stone settings such as three-stone diamond rings, halo diamond rings, cluster diamond rings, etc.

A 1 carat ring with multiple stones will look much bigger than its solitaire counterpart and will be relatively cheaper. So, plan things strategically and decide on your budget. You can seek help from your jeweler as well to nail the process like a pro. Keep in mind that you can always upgrade your ring in the future or whenever you are financially stable.

Understand her style

Once you shortlisted a few diamond rings based on your budget, filter the rings further based on her style. If your girl leads an active lifestyle, it is better to go with a simple and understated setting such as a bezel-set diamond ring. If she is attracted to non-conventional sparklers, a fancy cut diamond accented with channel-set diamonds will be your best bet.

On the other hand, you can choose a vintage diamond ring or a classic solitaire ring for a woman who loves traditional styles and does not indulge in hands-on activities. In case you don’t know about her style, you can always snoop around your Pinterest board. If the time factor restricts you in this case, ask any of your common friends to take her to a diamond ring store making any excuse and figure out the ring styles or designs that draw her attention.

Keep the deadline in mind

The topic of diamonds might seem straightforward. However, you will have to learn a multitude of factors regarding these gemstones before deciding on the right choice for your significant other. Without any doubts, if you try to learn or research about diamonds at the last minute, it is likely to put you down a rabbit hole from where it will be almost impossible for you to find a way out. You can address this decision fatigue by setting a deadline that is at least a week before your proposal day.

Make sure to check out the final product in person before making the purchase. That is, if the delivery date is 7th February, the ring must reach the store at least by 5th February so that you will get enough time to make changes if any. Furthermore, consider shipping time as well, especially when purchasing from online diamond dealers. While some diamond stores like Rockher ship the products with two or three business days, some sites might take around two or three weeks.

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