Difference Between 0.90 Carat Diamonds And 1 Carat Diamonds

1 Carat Ring
1 Carat Ring
1 Carat Ring

A diamond ring has become a mandatory part of every engagement and wedding. Even though diamonds are available in different shapes and sizes, a one carat diamond ring is preferred by most of the women as their engagement ring, because it is the perfect size for daily usage. Due to the increase in demand, the 1 carat rings are usually more expensive than their actual worth. Therefore, if a person is considering to buy an engagement ring, they can buy a 0.90 carat ring which has almost all the features of the 1 carat ring. Since there is a small difference in their carat weight, there is some difference and also some similarities between the 0.90 carat and 1 carat diamonds and they are as follows.

Size of the Stone

Even though there is a difference of 0.1 carats in the mass or the weight of the diamond, there is no much difference between the size of both the 0.9 and 1 carat diamonds. Even though there are some small variations, it cannot be detected by naked eyes. For example, a perfectly processed round 0.9 carat diamond will be having almost 6.3mm to 6.2mm diameter while a 1 carat diamond will be having a 6.4mm diameter. Therefore, to find the difference in the size of both those stones, it needs to be measured using special tools.

Price of the Stone

It is the factor that differentiates a 0.9 carat and 1 carat diamond the most. One carat diamonds are very expensive than a 0.9 carat diamond not only because of its weight and size difference but because of its demand. Since 1 carat diamonds are preferred by most of the brides, its demand in the market is higherthan its supply. The individual shopkeepers are also responsible for the high cost of 1 carat diamonds because they will increase the price of the same to create extra profit.

Not only in the price and size of rings there are several other relations between the 0.9 carat and 1 carat diamonds. Most of the cuts and shapes that can be made using these diamonds are similar, and it is possible to create exactly same designed rings with both these diamonds. Therefore, if a person is planning to buy a diamond, along with matters like certification, color, and clarity, it is better to consider carat because a small change in those can make a huge difference in the budget.

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