Difference Between Radiant Cut Diamonds And Cushion Cut Diamonds

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The radiant cut diamond have a rectangular or a square profile, with trimmed corners. These diamonds resemble emerald diamonds when viewed from the top. The cushion cut also has a similar square or rectangular diamond shape. Due to the slightly rounded corners and sides of these diamonds, these resemble a pillow. Therefore, they are known as cushion cut diamonds.

Similarities and Differences

The cushion cut and radiant cut diamonds share many similarities, and hence it is difficult to pinpoint their difference.


One of the most visible differences between the two diamonds is the shape. The radiant cut diamonds have a rectangular shape with cut corners. Meanwhile, the cushion cut diamonds have a more rounded shape and their profile does not look rectangular. Instead, they look more rounded than the radiant cut. In rare cases, the cushion cut diamonds look so rounded that they may look oval.

Cut and Facets

The cushion cut and the radiant cut belong to the category of “brilliant cuts.”

Thus, the shape of these diamonds and their facets are designed to enhance brilliance. Even though the two diamond types have a slight similarity in many factors, they appear different when viewed from close proximity.

The most easily noticeable difference between the two is the face-up outline of these.


Cushion cut diamonds have lesser brilliance although they have bigger facets than the 1carat engagement ring made of radiant cuts. Many of the modern variants of the cushion cut diamonds are made with a comparable level of brilliance with that of radiant cut diamonds.

Clarity And Color

As a whole, there are no major differences between the colors and inclusion visibility of a 1 carat ring made of cushion cut diamond or a radiant cut diamond.

Note that if a cushion cut diamond has a low level of brilliance, the flaws and yellowish tints of the diamond would be visible. The same flaws might be masked in a radiant cut diamond of similar quality.

Conclusion and Shopping Advice

It is easy to understand that there are not many prominent differences between the cushion and the radiant cuts. They even have comparable shapes. Due to this reason, it is better to compare the two diamond shapes on an individual case scenario. When this is done, you might be able to spot the differences and make the choices depending on your tastes. It is better to make the final decision by examining both and checking for the sparkle and shape.

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