Different Types Of Pave Settings

One Carat Ring
One Carat Ring
One Carat Ring

Pave setting is a popular setting that is widely used in diamond jewelry. As the name suggests, it includes small stones paved on the band of the ring. These stones can give an exquisite appeal for your ring, as they can be beneficial for accentuating the overall brilliance and sparkle of the ring.

There are different types of pave setting used in jewelry. Some of them can have a big center stone which is accompanied by small stones set on the band. The shine of all these stones can help to enhance the sparkle and appeal of the ring, hence, it can give a bigger appearance for your center stone. So you might be able to give your one carat ring the appearance of a two carat ring. This is a great option to choose when you want to give a bigger appearance for your 1 carat diamond ring.

There is a wide range of pave settings for you to choose from. The following are some of the popular pave settings that you can find in jewelry stores. Knowing about them can help to choose the right option for you.

Micro Pave

This type of ring is made using very small diamonds. Each stone can be smaller than .01 carat. The stones used will be extremely small, hence, when they are set on the band, the entire band will look like it is made of diamonds.

Rings made using a micro pave setting will usually have several rows of diamonds for covering the entire band. This is one among the most delicate and stunning pave varieties that has excellent sparkle and detail.

However, this setting can be costly because of all the hard work needed to make it. Also, the durability can be lower than many other settings and it will be difficult to resize the ring too. Moreover, it can be a difficult task for you to clean and maintain it, as there is a large number of stones involved.

U-Cut Pave

Here, the stones won’t be covering the bottom side of the ring. Also, the diamonds will be set in grooves which form a U-shape when looked from the side. This cut can reduce the amount of metal needed to create the ring thereby allowing you to save a considerable amount that you have to pay on the metal.

Petite Pave

It is similar to traditional pave, but the prongs used for holding the small stones will be very small. This can give maximum brilliance for your ring.

There are different types of prong settings used in rings. Hence, it will be possible for you to choose a design that suits you the best. If you want your ring to exhibit the maximum brilliance, then pave setting is a great option for you.

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