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Most people may envision a one carat diamond engagement ring when it comes to the standard size for the center diamond of engagement rings. Nevertheless, this is totally up to the personal preferences and budget of people. Furthermore, choosing your diamond engagement rings will be a special moment since it is the symbol of your love and commitment towards your partner. Hence, your rings ought to be special and unique.

Unfortunately, there are many silly mistakes that people tend to make while choosing their one carat diamond engagement rings. Sadly, they realize their wrong choice of rings only after spending a few thousands of dollars on it. Hence, it will be really heartbreaking. In order to help you out with this, below are some of the diamond engagement ring buying mistakes that you must avoid at any cost.

Ignoring the Basic Details

The diamond details such as the cut, clarity, color, and carat weight are the main factors that make a diamond visually appealing. Hence, ignoring these features may make your gemstone look lifeless and dull. This is really crucial when it comes to the cut of diamonds. Note that the cut of a diamond decides how brilliant the stone must be. Additionally, the carat weight of most poorly cut gemstones will be concentrated at its bottom. This may make your diamonds appear smaller.

As mentioned, a 1 carat ring is the popular choice when it comes to diamond engagement rings. However, it is actually a foolish decision to choose gemstones with popular carat weights such as 1, 3, etc. Instead, you may consider a diamond of 0.9 ct so that it will trim down your overall diamond expense significantly. Plus, there will be hardly any person who will be able to spot the carat weight difference.

Similarly, expecting your gemstones to be flawless and colorless is another mistake that you may make. It only makes sense to spend money on the things that you can see. So, it is better to settle for a visually colorless and flawless diamond rather than its microscopically flawless counterparts. Most professionals recommend diamonds of VS2 clarity grade and H Color grade for a decent visual impact.

Ignoring the Diamond Ring Styles

Another major factor that can beautify your gemstone like anything is a perfect diamond ring style. Most people tend to focus solely on the main gemstone of their sparkler and often overlook its diamond ring settings. Note that the setting is the main factor that shows off the personality and style of the wearer.

Some women may go for a classic solitaire setting for their 1 carat ring whereas some others may consider popular setting options such as halo, three stone, pave, etc., according to their personal style. It is worth knowing what type of style your fiancée likes, so that it makes your diamond ring shopping easier. Hence, compromising on this attribute may end up choosing a random sparkler that may go out of vogue shortly. Plus, diamond ring settings play a major role in securing the gemstones in place.

Similarly, you must also consider the metal choices for your diamond engagement rings carefully. There are many options for metal these days such as platinum, gold, silver, etc. You must pick the one for you keeping your lifestyle and budget in mind. That is, if you have a flexible budget and you lead an active lifestyle, platinum metal will be your way to go. On contrary, gold and silver metal options are the right one for you if you have a tight budget or if you lead a simple lifestyle.

When it comes to gold metal, there are many color variants other than the traditional yellow color such as black, blue, green, rose, etc. You may choose any of these options depending on your personal style.

Falling for Clichéd Financial Rules

There are many financial rules for buying diamond engagement rings and one of the most prominent ones is the “spending three months’ salary” rule. According to this, you will have to spend your entire three months’ salary or more on your engagement ring. Actually, all such rules are the marketing strategies adopted by diamond merchants in order to boost up their sales and you do not have to follow any of such rules. Rather, choose a sparkler that fits within your budget and the one that is perfect to complement your partner’s style. Besides, the option to upgrade your diamond ring in the future is always open.

Choosing diamond rings during the wrong season can also result in overpaying thousands of dollars on your purchase. Note that choosing diamond rings through the month of November to February is a big no-no if you are looking for affordable purchase. In fact, many studies in the field claim that the price of diamond rings tend to fall dramatically during the summer months, making it a suitable time for budget-friendly diamond ring purchase.

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