Moissanite Or Diamond: Which Stone Should You Choose?

One Ct Diamond
One Ct Diamond
One Ct Diamond

For the next gem purchase, you might be considering the advantages and disadvantages of moissanite over diamonds. You must understand how the two gemstones differ, to decide on one. Here, we will look at how moissanite compares to diamonds, to help save you much of the research involved in the buying process. Before that, let us have an overview of moissanite.

What Moissanite Is

Moissanite is named after its founder Henri Moissan. When this chemist discovered some sample stones, he thought these were all diamonds. It took many years for him to realize that he had discovered carborundum, which then became described as moissanite. Carborundum was made only some years before the French chemist discovered it, but it took another 9 decades for moissanite to be sold in the jewelry market. Naturally occurring moissanite stones are rare, so what you see in jewelry today are man-made versions of those gems.

How It Differs From A Diamond

There exist some main distinctions between diamonds and moissanite, including the following.

  1. The number of facets on moissanite appears to be more than that of a diamond, even when both stones have the same cut. This is owing to the one-of-a-kind composition of the former stone.
  2. It produces the kind of effect that appears like a rainbow. A diamond has fire, but a similar effect in moissanite is intense to the extent that it is occasionally termed ‘disco ball’. The ‘rainbow of colors’ effect of moissanite might seem too much of a good thing or a pleasant thing for you, according to your jewelry taste. The same goes for diamond fluorescence. That said, it is worth noting that not all diamonds fluoresce, but every moissanite stone has the so-called ‘disco ball’ effect.

So, Which Gemstone Should You Select?

It depends on how much money you have, your jewelry taste, what you want to use it for, and several other things. The rate of a one ct diamond could start from about $2,000, but moissanite with the same weight will cost just a fraction of it.

If you want a gemstone as an ‘investment’ asset, then a diamond would be a better option for you. Moissanite is not as pricey as a mined diamond, and its value is less. Moreover, used moissanite is thought to have no value at all, but this is not the case with diamonds.

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