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So, you have decided to surprise your significant other with a grand wedding proposal. Of course, you would definitely wish to choose an inimitable sparkler that can sweep your love off her feet as you spring the proposal. Now, you are likely to debate between a classic eternal solitaire one carat ring and a full circled diamond ring. In order to help you out with this, below are some of the pros and cons of choosing a solitaire 1 carat ring.

Why consider a solitaire diamond engagement ring?

Arguably, no one can go wrong with a stunning standalone diamond ring. Plus, it is a safe option as this sparkling beauty has proved to stand the rest of time. Solitaire rings tend to complement everyone as well irrespective of their lifestyle, personality, dressing style, etc. Furthermore, who can resist the ultimate beauty of a perfect solitaire crafted on the crown of a platinum band? Apart from this, some other reasons that favor the idea of purchasing a solitaire diamond ring are listed below.

  • Solitaires allow women to feel dressed up flawlessly and to show off their ring finger to the best. Note that solitaire diamond rings are reputed as coveted head turners.
  • If you are not aware of the personality and style of your better half, choosing a solitaire diamond ring will be a safe option.
  • Solitaire rings tend to complement almost every wedding band design
  • Solitaire diamond rings boats good share in the investment market when compared to multi-stone diamond rings.

Why choose non-solitaire diamond rings

Even though solitaire diamond rings are timeless and boast classic simplicity and elegance, modern brides would love to add some extra bling to their sparklers. You can choose a ring that is studded with a number of tiny diamonds that offer baby starry bling from every angle to make your trendy brides go awe. You may also consider a ring that is enhanced with a collective beauty of tiny diamonds and other gemstones for this. Some of the potential reasons that favor the idea of choosing multi-stone diamond rings are given below.

  • Non-solitaire diamond rings will be way more affordable when compared to a solitaire diamond ring of similar carat weight. Clearly, multi-studded diamond rings will be hands-on winners when it comes to choosing a sparkler that features indefinable brilliance at an affordable price.
  • If you want to gift something that defines your significant other in the most extraordinary way, non-solitaire rings will be your way to go.

Go for this if you want to gift something unique, luxurious, romantic, or something that flaunts an envious vintage appeal.

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