Wearing a Beautiful 1 Carat Ring on Hand

One Carat Diamond
1 Carat Ring Tips

You need to think twice before choosing the perfect ring for your loved one, whether it is an engagement or a special occasion. It is not possible to regard a ring perfect just by looking at its size; there are many other factors to consider as well. For instance, the type of setting, gemstone shape, the cut of the stone, and many other variations make a one carat diamond ring look modern, subtle, bold, modest, and delicate.

The 1 carat ring could also look different based on the person wearing the ring. Sometimes, the ring could appear larger on the fingers of a person with small hands and slim fingers, while it appears smaller on others. That is because the style and setting of the stone plays an important role in the appearance of the ring.

The term carat actually describes the weight of the stone, while its cut and faceting decide how big or small it will appear on hand. Usually, 1 carat diamond rings come in round brilliant cut, which is the most popular shape out there. However, an oval cut or marquise cut diamond of the same carat weight could appear much bigger than a round cut one carat diamond. Similarly, the setting of the stone on the ring metal further makes the stone look larger.

Round Cut Diamonds

The brilliant round cut is a popular diamond cut widely used in the solitaire rings. This is because the diameter of the stone is more in this diamond cut, which gives it a classy look. Even though the diamond is usually shallow, it has a heavily faceted pavilion that helps it to shine brilliantly.

Princess Cut Diamonds

This diamond cut is the second most famous diamond shape after the round brilliant cut. This beautiful diamond cut has a rectangular or square shaped face along with a pavilion having numerous faces for attaining a higher level of brilliance. This is relatively a new cut which was introduced by the 1960’s, but it has now become the best alternative to the traditional round brilliant cut.

Oval Cut

The oval cut offers the benefit of having a large face, especially when looked st from the top. In fact, most of the diamond weight would be concentrated on the face of the diamond itself. So this would be a good option for those willing to have the maximum value for their purchase.

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