5 Unique Rose Gold Engagement Rings

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Unique Rose Gold Engagement Rings
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Rose gold engagement rings with their trending popularity and uniqueness are a favorite choice of brides nowadays. They made a noticeable twist over the traditional engagement rings. An engagement is a special event of one’s life. So having a unique engagement ring which reflects your style is so important. Here let’s have a look at the five unique rose gold engagement rings which suits every bride.

Oval Moissanite Rose Gold Engagement Ring

Here the natural moissanite serves as the center stone. This oval shaped moissanite has a dimension of 10 X 8 mm. This 14 K unique rose gold engagement ring has a bandwidth between 2 and 2.2mm. If you are looking for a gorgeous rose gold engagement ring with a traditional touch, this one will be a good choice for you.

Rose Gold Engagement Ring with Champagne Diamond Cluster Frame

This unique rose gold engagement ring will be a perfect gift for your loved one. This ring is usually available in 10K rose gold. As the name indicates, a champagne diamond stone which attracts people is the highlight of this ring. A frame of small champagne diamond stones around the center stone and a frame of white diamonds around the center add a unique beauty to the ring.

Pear Shaped Halo Rose Gold Diamond Engagement Ring

When it comes to picking out unique rose gold engagement rings, a pear-shaped halo diamond ring will not be a wrong choice. The morganite center stone that projects outside and surrounded with smaller stones is the center of attraction. You can also see smaller diamonds along with the ring band which enhances the sparkling of the ring.

French Pave Rose Gold Diamond Engagement Ring

A diamond piece placed at the center of the ring along with diamonds set in French pave is the best choice for your special one who loves to wear modern rose gold diamond engagement rings. It is usually available in 14K rose gold. The center diamond is held by platinum prongs. This is a simple and elegant diamond ring which is a favorite choice of every bride.

Color changing sapphire rose gold engagement ring

This is a very unique color changing rose gold engagement ring. The moonlight color sapphire stone placed at the center is the attractive element of the ring. Depending on the lighting, the color of the stone varies from peach to blue, grey and purple. Natural diamonds are used as accent stones here.

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