Pros And Cons Of Carbonado Diamonds


Their brilliant shimmer can turn the gaze of the steeliest of men. The air of grandeur and opulence that surrounds these gems makes one doubt whether something so jaw dropping actually came from beneath our feet. It’s the countless years, of being held down by the immense pressures and the warmth of mother earth that birthed these jewels of dreams.

The Enigmatic black diamonds is one among them…

The black diamonds have a peculiar enchanting vibe that shrouds it. You end up feeling as though beneath the glossy sharp edges is a dark profound secret.

Black diamond’s often carry with them a sense of foreboding, as in many culture the colour black is associated with death and misfortunes. “Looking into the eyes beneath the hood of the grim reaper itself” they say. It’s the diamond for somebody who wants to stand out from the crowd, for somebody hip and not ready to take that leap of faith. If you feel you are that person, then chances are the feeling is right!

The fashion and the movie industry have catapulted the success of the black diamond. There are several celebrities, from Shenae grimes and Emily blunt to Carmen Electra who have been seen with gorgeous black diamond engagement rings donning their finger.

 But before we jump into the shortcomings and the pluses of this variety of diamond, it would be incomplete without know how and where it came about from.

Black Diamonds

These are commonly called “Carbonado diamonds” and are found only in certain parts of Brazil and central Africa. The name carbonado comes from the Portuguese dialect which signifies the black charcoal like colour.


  • Lighter On The Pocket

By far one of the positive trademarks of buying a black diamond is its cost. Its cousins, the colourless diamonds can demand a tag running zeros after zeros. But carbonado diamonds rings are more modest in that regard. These gems can go as low as $400 per carat. This is especially true if they are treated diamonds! The treated variety of black diamond is plentiful in number, making its price a lot lower. The untreated one can go as high as 10 times the price of treated ones. However keep in mind the certification and quality behind the treated black diamond prior to purchasing.

This simply means if you are gung-ho on getting your hands on a unique piece without going knee deep into your bank account, black diamonds wouldn’t let you down.

  • You Can Drop The 4 C’s All Together

Black diamonds have a particularly opaque colour. When comparing with that of colourless white diamonds, the black opaque colour hides most of the inclusions and imperfections if any. Further the impurities in them showcase a characteristic grey ting when viewed.

  • Durability

Black diamonds are one of the hardest even when compared to white colourless diamonds

Pros Cons
Easy on the wallet Lacks the sparkle and brilliance of colourless white diamonds
4C’s are not so important. The opaque colour hides most imperfections and inclusions. Not much suitable for investment purposes, as resale value of black diamonds are lower.
Scales even higher on the Mohs’ hardness scale than white diamonds. The color black is not preferred by many and is associated with misfortunes.


  • Can Being Too Unique Turn To A Burden?

The incredibly unique properties of black diamond set it apart. What is the issue with being unique? you ask. The reselling value of black diamond is a fraction of what selling colourless diamonds can get you. Even colour diamonds can fetch a good value and is considered to be a good investment. Colours such as red, pink and yellow diamonds make good choices. So, if you are buying a black diamond thinking that you may sell it in the future when need be, you are sadly mistaken.

  • Lacks The Sparkle And Brilliance

Black diamonds are opaque. This however does more harm than good, as the concept of refraction is completely lost. Since light doesn’t come from the inside of the black diamond, the shine, sparkle and brilliance is lost. As a result, black diamond looks like pieces of shiny coal or like a black gemstone.

The Conclusion

Black diamonds are especially apt for the hip, up and about couple. It sets them apart with a completely different social status. The status of young and daring! If you are adamant on buying a black diamond ring, remember to always buy it from a certified jeweller, else you may end up not even liking what you bought. All in all, this is one diamond you wouldn’t want to miss out on!

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