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When you are looking to purchase a diamond, it is important to prioritize the aspect of color. While you are not expected to have deep knowledge about the color, it is important to know the basics and the color chart of diamonds. This will certainly help you to stop excessive spending in a section of diamonds which may not provide you the amount of beauty that you would expect from them. Below is a discussion of the color of diamonds and the color chart which will help you make a better choice while purchasing a 1 carat ring.

Diamond Colors

There are several choices available in diamond colors such as yellow, pink, and blue. If you are looking at white diamonds, the yellow tint that you may find in some of them is generally not desirable.

When the smallest traces of color is present, the amount of natural color reflected back to the eyes is lesser. As the colorlessness of a diamond is more, you will find that these are considered more valuable and rare. Colorless diamonds are among the rarest and they have a higher rank on the diamond color chart than the softest trace if yellow.

Properties you Have to Understand about Diamond Color

The total value of the diamonds is dependent on the absence of color. The color grade has to be determined by a professional. There is a difference in value and grade of diamonds when it comes to colorless and colored diamonds. The setting used for the 1 carat ring could have a deep impact on the view and perception of the color. If you have a good idea about the diamonds and their color, you can understand the quality of the diamonds better.

Diamond Color Scale Chart

The GIA (Gemological Institute of America) is the most reputed agency responsible for preparing reports and analyses of diamonds. If you are shopping for diamonds, it is advisable to look for a GIA certificate in every diamond you view as the color varies for every diamond you choose.

Colorless Diamonds

D is the highest among the available grades. This also means that it has no color at all. Even under magnification, it looks colorless. E and F ratings appear very similar to the naked eye. It is possible only for an expert gemologist to tell the differences between a D, E, and F grades. D-F diamonds are generally set with white gold or platinum since using yellow gold or other jewelry settings may be against the diamond’s colorless beauty.

Nearly Colorless

G-J colored diamonds appear nearly colorless. They appear colorless to naked eyes too. Note that there might be slight traces of color present. Hence, it is advisable to set them in white gold or platinum to remove any impact of color reflection off yellow gold.

The G-J diamonds are not as rare as D-F diamonds and are acquired at a lower price range. In this range of diamonds, the price generally reduces by 10-15% per grade. Remember that these may not make any difference to the naked eyes at all.

Faint Tint

K-M diamonds display a light yellow tint which could be picked up even with naked eyes. Some people prefer that these warmer colors are set within a yellow gold setting. Since these are easier to detect when it comes to the presence of a color tint, they cost about 50% or lower than the G-J range of diamonds.

Very Light Tint

This includes the range of N-R diamonds. They are available at a much lower price range due to their easy detectability. They display a brown or yellow tint.

Light Tint

Diamonds within S-Z range are characterized by easily detected brown or yellow tint. Hence, it is not recommended to choose these grades of diamonds.

Diamond Clarity

Diamond clarity refers to the state where there are no visible inclusions or blemishes. In case you want to purchase round shaped diamonds, the inclusions are not detectable easily. Therefore, the clarity is not an important parameter as the color grade of these. The situation might be different in other shaped diamonds.

Diamond Color Buying Tips

While assessing a range of diamonds, it is necessary to monitor the diamond’s coloring. Apart from the GIA color grade, it is advisable to have a diamond expert to help you choose the right one carat diamond.

Make sure you look for the noticeable tints on the diamonds and their interaction with colored and white light reflection.

Besides, it is necessary to ensure that the diamond appears white according to the setting. In case you choose a diamond, it should stand out as the bright focus of the jewelry.

Diamond Color is indeed one of the important factors that determine the aesthetics of the jewelry. The differences between color grades may be minute, so it is better to have a basic knowledge of these diamonds as included above.

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