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It is common to get confused over diamond size and diamond weight. People think that both carat weight and diamond size are same. But in fact, these two words refer to different characteristics. This article describes the difference between these terms which are usually used wrongly. It will help you to understand the importance of size and weight when choosing a diamond.

How carat of a diamond is measured?

The carat of a diamond is simply defined by its weight. When you buy 1 carat diamond, it is equal to 200 milligrams or 0.2 grams. Dividing the total price of a stone by the carats will give you the price per carat of that diamond. The carat is a factor which is used to determine the value of a diamond. A diamond with more carats will have more value, and will be more expensive.

What is Diamond Size?

The size of a diamond defines the height and width of a specific stone, along with the measurements of some of its important parts. That is, size deals with the dimensions of the diamond. The dimensions that usually matters to a customer are the size of the stone’s top and the proportions that decide the value of the stone.

The reason for giving priority for the diamond’s top is that, this is the most visible part of the stone when it is set in a piece of jewelry. On the contrary, having more depth will not do much favor for the diamond, as this will be hidden in the mounting.

Therefore, if simply said, carat refers to a diamonds weight, whereas size defines its dimensions. They are not the same. Even if you buy 1 carat diamond, they can differ in size. Likewise, even if two diamonds have same size they can vary in carat weights.

Factors that affect diamond size

Even though carat weight has an impact on a diamond’s dimensions, there are also some other factors which affects the size of a diamond. One such factor is the stone’s cut. Some diamond shapes are cut in a shallow fashion, while some others in a deeper cut.

For example, diamonds that have emerald-cut are rectangular and shallow, but some other shapes like round cut, princess cut, etc. need a deeper cut.

Diamonds with same cut and exact carat weight can also vary in size relying on the way the cutter decides to shape their proportions. That is, two diamonds that have same carat weight can have different widths or heights. For example even if two diamonds are 1-carat and if the first one has more depth than the other, then it will appear smaller and the shallower one will appear larger.

How Diamond Size Affects Carat Weight?

According to the size in which the jeweler cut certain parts of a diamond, it will vary in its weight. For example, even if two diamonds have similar cut and same diameter, but one of them has a deeper cut with a thicker girdle, then it will weigh more than the other. Even though the diamond with deeper cut will look smaller than the diamond with shallow cut, it will be more costly because of its high weight.

How carat weight and size affects diamond prices?

Carat weight is an important factor that determines the price of a diamond. Diamonds with bigger carat weights are rarer, so they will be more expensive. The price per carat for such diamonds will be more than diamonds with smaller sizes. So a jeweler will always try to cut a diamond in a way which preserves maximum carat weight.

But the diamond cutters have a limited freedom when deciding the size of a stone. Adjusting the dimensions of a diamond to increase carat can result in a disproportional cut after a certain point. This will reduce the quality of the diamond, which is also another factor which affects the diamond price. So the cutters will try to yield the best price for the stone by balancing carat weight and proportions by finding the right size.

Which is more important when buying a diamond?

When buying a diamond, most people will go for the larger stone for the best price they can get. Most people want their diamond to be as visible as possible, but it is important to keep in mind that the dimension of the diamond is also important. That is, the diamond should have the right proportions.

A stone that has perfect proportion in its cut will have the maximum brilliance and sparkle. A poorly cut diamond will have less brightness and will look dull.

For example a round diamond may appear bigger when the cut is shallow, but it will have less brilliance as it lacks depth. So give importance to both size and carat weight equally. You should be also aware of its cut grade for you to get a diamond that has high brilliance and sparkle.

When you buy a ring, you might think that all 1 carat rings has same size for their diamonds. But it is not true. The diamond in two different 1 carat rings can vary in size. So make sure to select a good diamond which is worth the amount you spend.

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