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People often get confused with the term of brilliance and fire, when you are up to the task of buying diamonds. They almost mean the same when considering the literal meaning, however different in the sense that they are two different concepts in the diamond jargon.

To define diamonds and gemstones, gemologists and jewelers uses several diverse terminologies. For example, say, there are common terms such as sparkle, twinkle, glimmer and dazzling to address the quality of a diamond. Or more precisely, the words are about how they shine. Here, the main discussion is about the nuanced though significant alterations are between the common terms, ‘brilliance’ and ‘fire’.


The colorless light reflected from a gem, most preferably the diamond is termed as its brilliance. In order to acquire a better brilliance, the diamonds need to be cut perfectly. Solely for the diamond, there will be enough darker and brighter areas constituting its brilliance. The light imposed on the diamond will outflow from the bottom of the stone if they are cut either too deeply or more shallow. Such stones will appear as dull diamonds. The best brilliance can be experienced from the diamonds with large tables and shallow crown angles. 

Yet another important factor that matters the brilliance of a diamond is the distinction between the lighter and darker areas. The facets of the diamonds will have both these areas, which can be seen on the face-up side of the stone. On the symmetrical balance of light and dark areas, diamonds shines the most with maximum brilliance.


The dispersion of light by a diamond that displays the flashes of rainbow colors is known as the fire of the diamond. Low lighting conditions make the diamonds to exhibit more fire. A similar phenomenon will be taking place once the stone does possess small tables with steep crown angles. However, these features will provide lesser brilliance to diamonds.

An efficient diamond cutter will strive for a perfect blend of both these concepts. Vintage diamonds are specially shaped in this way by the cutters in the olden days, so that they will be felt like dispersing all the light exposed to it, creating fire to a greater extent.

Another version of Scintillation

The meshing up of both fire and brilliance of a diamond can be termed as scintillation. They may be called as the overall sparkly-ness of the diamond. A diamond stone can be labeled as the best if they are spreading both white and rainbow flashes from all angles.

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