Best Ring Settings For Offering A Bigger Appearance For Center Diamond

1 Carat Ring
1 Carat Ring
1 Carat Ring

Diamonds are extremely costly, especially, those with more carat weights. Hence, you will have to spend a huge fortune when buying diamonds. Most people want to have large center stones for their diamond ring. Unfortunately, many of them cannot afford it.

But now, it is possible for you to give a bigger illusion for your small diamond with the help of some ring settings. The following are some of such settings that can help to make your stones look bigger without spending a huge fortune.

Illusion Setting

It is a special setting that is designed to give a bigger appearance to diamonds than they actually are. Here, the head of the diamond will be made of white metal which surrounds the stone in a ripple-like manner. The metal used for covering the ring will diffuse the outline of the stone thereby giving it a larger appearance.

So if you want to give a bigger appearance for your 1 carat ring, then it is a great choice for you.

Halo Setting

This is one of the most popular settings that is preferred by a large number of people. Here, your center stone will be given an enhanced look by surrounding it with small accent stones. There can be one or more layers of accent stones that cover the center stone. It can give your one carat ring the appearance of a two or three carat ring based on the number of layers surrounding your center diamond.

As accent stones cost less, it will be possible for you to save a huge amount that you have to spend on getting a big diamond. You can add a bigger illusion for your diamond without spending a good fortune.

Pave Setting

This is another best ring setting for giving a bigger appearance for your center stone. It includes setting small stones on the band of your ring. This can add more brilliance and shine to your ring thereby providing it a better appearance.

Combining pave settings and halo settings together can give a ring with exceptional beauty. Also, it can help to add a larger illusion for your center stone.

Bezel Setting

In this setting, a metal band will cover the entire circumference of the diamond. As a result of this, the circumference of your diamond will have a large look.

So if you want your small diamond to look bigger when set on a ring, then choosing the above settings can be beneficial. They can help to accentuate the look of your diamond without spending a huge amount.

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