How to Save Money on a One Carat Diamond Ring

One Carat Diamond
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There is one thing you should know about rings with diamond: not all have the same carat weight as advertised. A one carat diamond ring, for instance, may have a stone that weighs less than that. It is fine to advertise the stone thus, as long as it comes with a certificate containing the actual weight.

How Much Money Does a 1 Carat Diamond Ring Cost?

The short answer is this: 1 carat round diamond ring price depends on its overall quality. The cut, clarity, carat weight and color of the diamond are factors that will affect your ring’s price.

A diamond with relatively better specifications than another one will be pricier, and the difference in price can be extremely significant. For instance, a diamond with ‘D’ color grade and ‘IF’ clarity grade will cost you anywhere between $15,000 to $20,000. If you compromise on one or two characteristics for the better others, you can get an identical diamond for a cheaper price. If you are after better bang for your bucks, choose a diamond cut for maximum brilliance with SI1 clarity and I color grades.

An SI diamond means one with slight inclusions, which are visible when viewed under 10x magnification. However, these flaws in the stone may not be visible to the naked eye when it is viewed in the ‘face-up’ position.

How do I Save on My Ring?

Think about this: would you rather purchase a 0.97 carat diamond instead of another one weighing exactly 1.00 carat?

It is perfectly normal to choose the second one; this is what most buyers do. However, you can save a lot of money on your ring by choosing the first one. Why? Because it takes considerable skilled labor to perfectly cut a diamond weighing a standard carat weight like 1.0 ct. All that effort reflects on the price of the stone, making it dearer than other diamonds of comparable weight.

Another way to earn the discount is to choose a multi-stone setting instead of the solitaire. Any multi-diamond setting will do, but if you prefer a simplistic look, choose the one with two stones.

The third way to get this benefit is to choose lab-made diamonds over the ones mined from the earth. A lab-grown diamond costs much less than its mined counterpart, plus it has the same physical, optical and chemical properties as the latter.

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