Ring Settings That Can Give A Bigger Appearance For Your Diamond

One Carat Ring
One Carat Ring
One Carat Ring

Having a big diamond for engagement ring is everyone’s dream. But this may not be possible for everyone, as the price of a diamond will increase significantly with the increase in its carat weight. Therefore, getting a diamond with higher carat weights can cost you a good fortune. However, you don’t have to get disappointed, as you can give a bigger look to your small diamonds using some simple tricks. Below, we are listing some of such tricks that will help you add a bigger look to your diamond.

The ring setting is an important factor that can decide the appearance of your ring. A ring setting has the ability to give your diamond a bigger or smaller look. There are a large number of ring settings that are specifically designed for enhancing the appearance of your center diamond. The following are some ring settings that will help you to make your ring look bigger without spending a huge amount.

Halo Setting

The halo setting is well-known in the jewelry world for its brilliant sparkle. Here, yourcenter stone will be surrounded by layers of small accent stones. These accent stones are comparatively less costly when compared to getting a stone that has a higher carat weight. Layers of these small stones can add more dimension to your center stone. In addition to this, it can increase the overall sparkle and shine of your ring. Therefore, this setting can make your 1 carat ring look like a two carat ring.

Pave Setting

Another ring setting that can help you to make your diamond look bigger includes a pave setting. In this setting, the band of the ring will be adorned with small stones, and it will create an illusion that your band is made of diamonds. This will provide a great sparkle for your ring, thereby helping you to add more dimension to your stone. You can make your one carat ring look much bigger than it really is.

Bezel Setting

This is another simple setting that is commonly used in jewelry. Here, the girdle of the diamond will be surrounded by the metal of the ring. Hence, if you choose a metal that matches the color of your stone, you can give it a bigger appearance. Hence, this is a great choice for people who are looking for affordable options to increase the size of their 1 carat ring without spending much money.

Getting a bigger diamond may not be possible for everyone. But you can choose to give a bigger appearance to your ring by selecting the right setting. It will help you to increase the size of your ring without spending a huge amount.

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