How are Two Carat Diamonds Different from One Carat

1 Carat Engagement Ring
1 Carat Diamond Ring

Size really does matter when it comes to buying a diamond. One has to buy a diamond of a better carat rate for its sparkle, clarity, cut, and color. For these many reasons, preferring a two carat diamond over 1 carat diamond ring is worth buying. Women love channeling them up in their diamond rings in varied designs. The following are some other reasons to select them.

Grand Appearance

Right from the very first look, they look large and luxurious in its appearance. The surface area of the 2-carat diamond is quite larger than the 1-carat diamond, making them appear almost 50% larger in its layout when set in a jewelry piece. In the approximate calculations of both the sizes, the former measures about 52-mm-square, meanwhile, the latter is only 33-mm-square.

More Versatile

There are always more options of channeling the diamonds in more diverse patterns when choosing a 2 carat diamond on your that special piece of jewelry. There are quite a many beautiful patterns to choose from for such placing, like, say pave detailing, or even in a halo setting. Moreover, donning a 2-carat diamond will always look standout for its appearance and twinkling, whether it is a necklace with a pendant, a pair of earrings or an alluring diamond ring.

Better Value

Though it is a known fact that the cost of 2-carat diamonds are way too larger than the 1 carat, there many more factors that decide its exact value. The sparkle, the color, and clarity are of much importance here than that in its smaller counterpart. It is typically not double the cost of one carat, as everyone assumes. For these very reasons, people often prefer them buying them as an investment either in a setting or as loose diamonds.

Moving a Step Further from the Present Choice

At present, buying and setting 1-carat diamonds in your piece of jewelry is in trend. Finding the 2-carat diamonds in them are indeed very rare. In the choice of buying a wedding ring for men, they mostly opt for a simple 1-carat diamond ring and trading them for a larger one in the future. Nevertheless, on the other side, buying a 2-carat diamond ring can a great choice of investment. A further need for upgrading your jewelry will not be required if you are choosing to buy a bigger diamond in the first thought itself.

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