How Important Is Symmetry And Girdle Thickness In Marquise Diamonds?

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One must know about the anatomy of a diamond to clearly understand about the symmetry and girdle thickness of the diamond. There are three main parts for a diamond in its visible form. The top part of the diamond is called the crown. This includes the upper girdle facets, the bezel facets and the horizontal facet in the center called the table. The girdle is the outer rim of the diamond which protects it from chipping. The pavilion is the area of the diamond below the girdle. Here is where the light gets reflected back to give the fire and scintillation to the diamond.

Girdle Thickness Tells About The Cut Of The Diamond

If a diamond has a very thin girdle, the diamond has high chance of getting chipped while it is set on a ring. In the case of the Marquise diamonds, the stone is very weak at its two pointed ends. Therefore, the girdle thickness at these ends should be good enough to keep it safe and protected. Otherwise, a gentle stroke on the diamond can also result in severe damages. A well cut diamond will have an appropriate girdle which is strong enough to keep the diamond protected.

Girdle Thickness Affects The Appearance Of The Diamond

The spread of the Marquise diamonds are high and hence they appear larger than the diamonds with the same carat weights. It will be good for you to choose a Marquise diamond with medium to slightly thick girdles or else you will have a diamond with the extra weight covered under the girdle.

Therefore you must be wise in seeing the girdle thickness of the Marquise diamond before selecting the ideal one for you.

Symmetry And Marquise Diamond

Undoubtedly, a diamond will be known for its sparkling effect. But one should not forget that it is the proper cutting of a diamond which gives it the real character and appeal.  It is true that a Marquise diamond has more spread for its carat weight. But at the same time it is very sensitive to the symmetry details. An improper cutting of the diamond can take away the beauty of the diamond. Before you buy any Marquise diamonds, you must see it very thoroughly to understand if there is any problem with the symmetry of the diamond. 

The uneven symmetry of the diamond usually results from the attempt to rectify the flaws present on the stone. These symmetry issues of the diamond can make it difficult to set it on rings and also will make the diamond out of shape. If you are interested in Marquise diamonds, do explore more about the significance of its girdle thickness and symmetry.

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