Jewelry In 2021 Oscars: Who Wore What

1 Carat Diamond Ring
1 Carat Diamond Ring
1 Carat Diamond Ring

The 2021 Academy Awards was an in-person event with all the glitterati you would expect from it. Therefore, it is natural to expect some stunning jewelry pieces to steal the show, so to speak. Platinum perfectly complimented the trendy hairstyles, couture gowns, and stunning makeup of the Oscar 2021 attendees. Here, we will look at what some of those celebrities wore at the ceremony.

Ariana DeBose

Actor Ariana DeBose wore three different diamond rings at the Academy Awards pre-show event. One of those was a 1 carat diamond ring made of platinum. Her other notable jewelry piece was a pair of earrings with a diamond drop design. We do not know the price of her 1 carat ring, but it is reported that the jewelry piece has a cluster diamond setting.

Glenn Close

Actor Glenn Close wore a diamond and sapphire set in a platinum metal band, plus pendant earrings set with pear-cut diamonds and pear-like diamond drops. Close’s ring did not feature just another sapphire gemstone. It had the so-called Burmese sapphire known for its quality, color, and luster.

Reese Witherspoon

Actor Reese Witherspoon appeared at the event with marquise-shaped diamonds as well as step-cut ruby gems and diamonds set in a platinum band. For the uninitiated, the term ‘step cut’ refers to a form of gemstones with the look of architectural steps. Witherspoon’s other Academy Awards-special ring made of platinum featured paved diamonds as well as rubies.


Actor Zendaya wore platinum jewelry pieces worth more than $6 million in all. Those pieces of jewelry included two different rings with diamonds that had different cuts. Platinum was the common element in Zendaya’s jewelry pieces. Her necklace with hundreds of diamonds with step cuts and round brilliant cuts surpassed the two rings in terms of the sheer glitz factor.

Angela Bassett

Actor Angela Bassett’s bracelet featured modified cushion-cut diamonds and was made of platinum. Perhaps more attractive was her platinum ring with a pink tourmaline gem, half-moon-shaped diamonds, and other diamonds.

Amanda Seyfried

Alongside Regina King and Viola Davis, actor Amanda Seyfried shone in diamond jewelry at the award function. Her ring featured a yellow diamond, as well as split-shank and halo design elements all set in a platinum band. Her other jewelry was double-drop diamond earrings set with the same metal band as her ring.

Daniel Kaluuya

Actor Daniel Kaluuya looked classy with his diamond necklace, pinky ring, and double-breasted suit at the ceremony. Arguably, the best of the lot was his platinum-based tennis necklace set with diamonds.

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