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Engagement is one of the most memorable moments in one’s life. Therefore having a perfect diamond engagement ring is very important. While searching for the perfect diamond engagement ring, we may hear a number of myths about the same. Are these myths true? If not, what is the truth? In this article let us discuss some of the common myths and truths about diamond engagement rings.

Bigger Diamonds Always Look Better than Smaller Ones

This is one of the most common myths about diamond engagement rings. A diamond’s clarity, brightness and sparkle are all about its cut not the carat weight or size. Sparkling of a diamond is the result of the reflection of light on its facets. If a smaller diamond has a good cut, it will give more fire and sparkle than a bigger diamond that is poorly cut. So we can safely say that a bigger diamond is not necessarily better than the smaller one in terms of brightness.

Diamonds are Unbreakable

As you all know, diamond is a real hard material which withstands the effect of acids, higher temperatures and minor blows. But the statement diamonds can’t break is absolutely wrong. You can break diamonds easily using a cutter or giving a sharp blow in the right direction. For a diamond crystal, the weakest portion in the molecular arrangement is its cleavage planes. So a hard blow to these planes may break the diamond. Chips and scratches may also occur while exposed points of diamonds are roughed against a harder surface.

All Diamonds Will Sparkle

As said above, sparkling effect of a diamond is all about its cut. A diamond with a good cut and facets will interact with light and produce more sparkling one with poor cuts and facets. Good symmetry, proportion, and polish are also some factors enhancing the brightness of a diamond. A diamond having good or better GIA diamond grading will have good sparkle. Round brilliant diamonds are one among them. Also try to keep diamonds clean without the presence of any oil, lotions or other substances as it will reduce the brightness of the diamond.

A Diamond Engagement Ring Should Cost Two Month’s Salary

As we all know, diamonds are expensive than other gem stones because of their great demand. Price of a diamond is determined by several characteristics such as cut, color, clarity, carat, quality etc. There is no rule on how much you should spend on your diamond engagement ring. Before buying the diamond ring, you should set a budget and prioritize the factors which matters to you the most and make the purchase accordingly. Knowledge on 4C grading, opinions of consultants, comparison shopping etc. will help you to choose the best one within your budget.

Inclusions Cause Breaking of Diamond

Inclusion is one of the key characteristics of diamond clarity. They are tiny imperfections such as lines, cracks, pits, chips, fractures on a diamond caused by the extreme pressure and temperature during its formation. Inclusions can make a diamond weaker. Therefore, the myth inclusions cause breaking of a diamond is true when inclusions are on the cleavage planes or other vulnerable areas of the diamond.

Diamond Fluorescence is Not Good

Diamond fluorescence is neither good nor bad. It is a natural characteristic possessed by a diamond. Some people like the glow emitted by diamonds while exposing to ultraviolet rays or fluorescent lamp. Most of the diamonds exhibit some degree of fluorescence with GIA grading such as None, Faint, Medium, Strong and Very Strong. Grading of fluorescence is not considered as a quality factor, but is used for identifying a particular diamond. Also, fluorescence does not affect a diamond’s color grade. But it may affect your perception about a diamond’s color.

Only Round brilliants are best

This is one of the older myths about diamond engagement ring.Though this myth is true to some extent, other diamond cuts are also good for engagement rings. Since round brilliant has a good cut, clarity, appeal and brightness, most of the brides go for the round brilliant and it is believed as the only one for engagement rings. Some of the popular fancy cut diamonds include princess cut, cushion cut, emerald cut and marquise are also a good choice. They may even cost less per carat than a round brilliant.

Buying diamonds from retailer is not a good deal

This myth demands some research and idea about comparison shopping. Buying diamond from a retailer or wholesaler is personal choice. But always make sure to have some basic consumer protections such as minimum 30 day period for exchange or refund, grading reports, quality assurance etc.Over a wholesaler, buying from a traditional retailer is more advantageous. This includes expertise advice on both diamond and ring settings, discounted diamond ring packages and future maintenance etc.

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