1 Carat diamond Rings That You Can Easily Find


Diamonds are a sign of faith and love. These are naturally occurring elegant stones commonly used for making jewelry. Diamonds are  available in different shapes and sizes. Among the different variants, the 1 carat diamonds are more popular among the people because it is more simple and affordable. Those rings can give a classy look to the wearer. Nowadays, most of the engagement rings are coming with 1 carat stones because of its simple and durable size. Some of the most popular ring types with 1 carat diamond are as follows.

Solitaire Rings

A solitaire ring is a diamond ring that has only one stone. It is one of the oldest ring designs and it is still one of the most preferred styles by the people. One of the main reasons for its popularity is its simple design that allows using it as a daily wear. A solitaire ring symbolizes faith and trust and that makes it a perfect ring for weddings and engagements.

Modern Engagement Ring

It is an evolved version of the solitaire ring. It is also a ring with a one ct diamond in the center of the band. The difference between the modern engagement ring and a solitaire ring is that apart from the center stone, there will be a bunch of small diamonds on the band of these rings. This has made it popular because it gives a classy look of the solitaire ring with a more sparkling effect.

Princess Cut Ring

It is one of the most popular and expensive ring designs in the market. The princess cut is a combination of both vintage and modern cuts. It is expensive not only because of its elegant look but also because of its huge demand. A princess cut diamond will look more beautiful in a ring setting that is having a few small diamonds around.

Heart Shaped Diamond Ring

It is a ring with a special cut diamond or a ring with a diamond with the shape of a heart. Even though the ring is very simple, it will be very expensive due to the complexity of cutting. It is the most trending ring among all the rings used as engagement rings, because there is no other diamond shape that can express love in a relationship so clearly. Another attraction of this type of ring is that it will give a royal and classy look to the wearer.

The Bezel Ring

It is one of the modern ring settings that is suitable for an active lifestyle. Most of the bezel rings are made with a single stone like a solitaire ring. The difference between a bezel ring and normal diamond rings is that the stone of a bezel ring will be held within a rim while the latter will be fixed with prongs. The diamonds which have comparatively less pavilion height will be used for making this ring.

Channel Setting Ring

It is a variant of a diamond ring embedded with small diamonds along with the band. This ring is available with and without a larger center stone. The small stones that are fixed around the band of the ring will give it an elegant sparkling look. Even though it is a modern fancy setting, these types of rings are now used as wedding bands also.

Three Stone Ring

It is a ring with not one but three stones that symbolizes the past present and future of a person. It is an ideal ring that can be used during the occasion of marriage and engagement. It is a traditional design and the stones of the older designs were of different sizes but now, a three stones ring is available with the stones of the same size and shape.

Couple Ring

It is a set of two rings with a 1 carat diamond on each of them. It will be having the design of a heart or a flower or anything, that will get completed only when the two rings are placed together. It is commonly used as a promise ring or wedding ring because it symbolizes that, a person is incomplete without their partner.

The Halo Ring

It refers to the rings with a center stone surrounded by small diamonds or gemstones to make the center stone look larger. It not only increases the size of the stone but also enhances the sparkle of the ring. Halo rings are available in the simple band and also with a pave band to make it completely stand out from the rest of the ring settings.

There are so many designs and settings available for a 1 carat diamond ring. Therefore, if you are planning to buy one, you must not only look for the perfect cut but also for the perfect setting that can match the diamond.

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