Different Types of Halo Diamond Ring Settings

One Ct Diamond
One Ct Diamond

Most people would love to own a diamond engagement ring that can instantly draw the attention of people and stand out from the rest of the crowd. This appeal is mostly achieved by designing the ring using a captivating setting or highly lustrous diamonds. What will be a better choice than a halo diamond ring for this? It is to be noted that the halo diamond ring setting is the best choice if you love to flaunt a highly lustrous diamond ring at a relatively cheaper cost.

In this setting, a center diamond of decent carat weight, usually, a one ct diamond will be encircled by a layer of tiny diamonds creating the illusion of a huge solitaire diamond. This will not only boost the overall bling quotient of the ring but also the size of the stone. Note that a 1 carat ring will be way expensive than a halo diamond ring with a total carat weight of one carat.

However, what if a person wants a ring that carries its intrigue while intimidating any person who dares to take a closer look at the sparkler? In such cases, pick any of the stylish halo settings. Note that the halo diamond setting is available in different styles including the floating halo setting, hidden halo setting, and multiple halo setting. Hence, you are likely to get confused when it comes to choosing the right diamond halo ring to complement your lifestyle and personality. In order to help you out with this, below are some of the useful tips and points that will let you choose the right decision.

Hidden Halo Diamond Ring Setting

A hidden halo is a type of setting that creates an illusion of two different diamond rings set together. In this setting, the center diamond will be set atop the halo of diamonds in a way that the diamond layer will be visible only from the sides. When you look at a hidden halo diamond ring from the top, it will look like a solitaire ring. In short, this will be a great choice for all the couples who love to create a lasting impression when people look at their sparkler from different angles.

Plus, a would-be bride who prefers understated diamond rings while maintaining its unique and secret charisma can also consider this diamond ring setting. Furthermore, hidden halo rings tend to appeal to a wider range of people. For instance, if you love an understated look, go for a one ct diamond ring set atop a halo. In case you prefer something flashy or love to make a bigger and sparkling style statement, paving the band of your ring using melee diamonds will be a good choice.

Now, if you love to enhance the wow factor of your ring even a step higher, set a layer of hidden diamonds underneath your hidden halo. However, diamonds are likely to show their color better when viewed from sides. Hence, you shall never compromise on the color clarity of the center diamond when considering a hidden halo diamond ring. Otherwise, it might stand out because of its slightly yellow hue and might affect the overall appeal of the ring.

Floating Halo Diamond Ring Setting

Sometimes, the name floating halo might sound like an effective cocktail or a legendary boxing manoeuver, but this setting is almost similar to that of a hidden halo diamond ring setting. In this halo setting, the center diamond is set a level higher to its halo creating an illusion of the center stone floating in the air. Hence it got the name. The main gemstone is secured using pointed prongs as well to maintain the floating appeal. However, you can see the halo from every angle in this case, unlike the hidden halo setting.

The main upsides is a floating halo ring is that it tends to make the center stone look bigger and enhance the sparkle of the rings while keeping it low-key. Additionally, the floating setting will provide more dimensions to your bauble making the light enter the center stone effortlessly. In fact, these multiple dimensions are one of the main brownie points associated with the floating halo diamond ring setting. Plus, this type of engagement rings will provide enough room for your wedding bands. If you love to play a big game, consider giving one more floating halo underneath the main floating halo setting.

Multiple Halo Setting

As the name indicates, multiple halo setting tends to feature more than one halo around the main gemstone. In this setting, the ring offers a tiered approach. Usually, people who love the appeal of a vintage diamond ring or the sparklers that boast a sophisticated look tend to choose this type of setting. You can add as many halos of melee diamonds around your center diamond, in this case, depending on your lifestyle and budget.

Furthermore, you can consider colored diamonds as well to make your bauble eye-catching. Note that a blue diamond surrounded by two layers of pink-colored melee diamonds is a popular choice. You can also choose halos of different colors as well to give an edgy look to your ring.

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