How To Calculate The Price Of A Diamond

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Diamonds are the most beautiful and elegant dream for many people. Since most of those people who are planning to buy a diamond have only a little knowledge about the same, there is a heavy chance of exploitation in the marketplace. Even though the size of a diamond is a matter concerned while evaluating its price, it is necessary to understand that size is not the only factor in evaluating the same. For example, a 1 carat diamond ring can cost about 15000 dollars while another with the same size and shape can cost only 1500 dollars depending on its other features.

The value of a diamond can only be evaluated by an expert with the help of several tools specifically used for the same. But there are some tricks for the common man to approximately calculate the price of a diamond without getting exploited by the storekeepers. The following things must be considered not only to buy 1 carat diamond but also to purchase any diamond with different sizes and shapes as per the needs of the consumer.

The Certification

Diamond is an expensive asset that most of the people wouldn’t be buying regularly. Since it is so costly and also durable, it is necessary to procure a guarantee that the diamond is worth our money. This guarantee can easily be obtained through a grading certificate. There are a few diamond certifying institutes like the GIA who certify and evaluate the diamonds that are available in the market. Examination of the certificate of a diamond can also help people understand how much a diamond is worth.

The Quality

It is a difficult job for an ordinary person to evaluate the exact quality of a diamond with his naked eyes. Even though the quality evaluation requires expert knowledge about the diamond, a person with some basic knowledge about the same can also determine the quality of the same. They may not be able to find the exact price of the diamond but at least they can identify a good diamond from a bad one. The person should have a basic knowledge about its clarity, cut and color to find the quality of a diamond. When all these qualities make the diamond more elegant, the price of the same will also be high.

The price of a diamond can also differ depending on the source of its origin. It can also change with the place from where it is being sold as diamonds are cheaper in some parts of the world. Therefore, to effectively calculate the price of a diamond, all these factors must be considered.

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