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Before buying a diamond, customers should know about various factors affecting its purchase. Customers need to be aware of the 4Cs, namely cut, clarity, color and carat. Carat is one of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a diamond. You might have heard the term ‘Carat’ many a times while shopping for diamonds. You need to understand that carat is not used to denote the size of a diamond. It is actually used to represent the weight of the stone.

A diamond cutter mainly works on increasing the carat weight. More carat weight, more its price. Rockher shares details on the carat weight of a diamond.

Diamond Carat Size Comparison

  • There are depth differences between a round cut diamond and a fancy cut diamond. 1ct round cut diamonds comes in a length/width of 6.40mm, whereas, 1ct princess cut diamonds comes in a length/width of 5.50mm.
  • Carat weight doesn’t actually determine the price of a diamond as round cuts with carat weight same as fancy cuts, costs more.
  • It is difficult to differentiate diamonds which only have 5-10% difference in carat weight. For example, it is difficult to distinguish a 0.95ct diamond from a 1ct diamond.
  • Diamonds tend to look smaller than a low carat diamond when they are cut deeper. Length-to-width ratios should also be kept in mind when focusing on millimeter size and carat weight of the diamond. These play an important role in determining if the diamond is shallow or deep. As a matter of fact, a 0.95ct shallow diamond might look larger than a deep cut 1ct diamond.

Diamond Carat Cost

The critical weight of a diamond ranges from 0.30ct-10ct, but diamonds are mainly available in carat weights such as 0.25ct (4×4), 0.5ct (5×5), 0.75ct (5.7×5.7), 1.0ct (6.4×6.4), 1.50ct (7.4×7.4), 2.0ct (8×8), 3.0ct (9.3×9.3), 4.0ct (10.2×10.2) and 5ct (11×11).

Diamond carat and its price go hand in hand as an increase in carat weight causes an increase in its price. Because of this factor, diamond cutters try their best to keep the weight on par or above the critical weight. Manufacturers and suppliers keep this in mind when deciding the price of a diamond.

Choosing 0.95ct over a 1.0ct diamond is considered smarter, because the former costs less and would have the same quality and size when compared to the latter one. As manufacturers mainly focus on increasing profit, it would be difficult to find a low carat diamond.

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