How to Purchase Accent Diamonds?

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Diamond Wedding Rings

Diamond accents, also known as accent diamonds, are small stones with a simple shape. These tend to be set around the centerpiece of an engagement ring, and they can increase the overall brilliance of that center stone.

Accent diamonds have a triangular, round or rectangular shape. These diamonds are less visible and small, so they do not have as many facets as on the regular-size ones. For instance, round brilliant cut diamond accents have between 16 and 18 facets, but there are 58 facets on the larger ones.

Accent diamonds do not weigh above 0.25 carat, plus most of these weigh 0.10 or less. Does your ring have diamond accents supposed to appear uniform? If yes, ensure these accent stones are near in size – these cannot match perfectly but should give this impression when viewed from a usual distance. Read on to learn more about purchasing accent diamonds.

Clarity and Color

Most accent stones have rather low clarity; these are generally graded ‘Slightly Included’ (SI) or ‘Included’ (I). This means there will be some imperfections in these stones that are viewable under 10x magnification. These are more affordable compared to the high-clarity stones.

However, because diamond accents are small, the flaws in them can barely be spotted with the unaided eye. This is why jewelers choose them. The color grade of diamond accents is generally ‘Near Colorless’. These are not fully colorless, but the color is sufficiently good to not cause the centerpiece and setting to look yellowish.

More Tips On Buying Accent Diamonds

When purchasing jewelry set with these small stones, ask about the quality aspects. Jewelers tend to spend a lot of time talking about diamond accents if customers are not asking explicitly.

If accents are larger, we recommend you look at these through a loupe. Confirm these are not harmed and have no visible inclusions which spoil the look of the piece.

Check whether the clarity and color are consistent right through – you want to avoid a setting in which lighter and darker spots are visible. This will happen if some accents are less clear and yellower than others.

Focus more on the clarity of bigger accents. Go for the ‘SI’ clarity grade if these weigh about 0.10 carat or more. As a general rule, their and the centerpiece’s color grades should not be dramatically different from each other; or else, the contrast will be visible.

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