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When it comes to celebrity jewelry, one tends to think that they are big, bold and beautiful. However, that may not always be true. Some celebrities also wear understated pieces.

Scarlett Johansson

Considering Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson are Hollywood stars, you would be surprised just how modest the “Avengers” movie actress’s engagement ring was – a solitaire, which is thought to be about 2 carats in weight, set on a twisted band of gold. Going by photographs of the then-couple, it has no fancy filigree.

Alyson Hannigan

On their tenth wedding anniversary, Alyson Hannigan’s husband not only suggested that they renew the promises but also gave her a new piece. Like the one above, it is a solitaire on a platinum band. Obviously, the couple’s devotion to one another is more significant to them than some ostentatious jewelry.

Amy Adams

An actor with millions of followers wearing a one carat diamond set ring on her engagement finger, with a halo setting, may seem distant from reality to you. Save the halo, Amy Adams’s piece has no prongs. However, there is a colored gem on her ring’s underside that was chosen especially because it has importance for Adams.

Priscilla Chan

She may be no ‘celebrity’ in the truest sense of the word, but Priscilla Chan is wed to Mark Zuckerburg. Despite the possibly endless wealth of the couple, the founder of Facebook spent a relatively modest 25,000 dollars on her ruby and diamond ring. To be precise, it is a ring with a three-stone design.

Michelle Obama

You would expect the ring of the wife of the former American President, Barack Obama, to be something out of the ordinary. Apparently, when the couple got engaged almost three decades ago, they were just common folk. Even when both of them climbed many steps up the professional career ladder, the original ring of Michelle Obama was still just what she wanted. It is a classic band of gold with a round brilliant cut solitaire.

Kelly Osbourne

The ring of Kelly Osbourne from her ex-fiancé, Matthew Mosshart, is understated. Inspired by her father Ozzy’s earring, it is a classic round diamond with a white metal band. Unlike most of the other pieces in this list of celebrity engagement rings, it features a bezel setting that gives it a practical and contemporary twist.

Keira Knightley

This ring features a two carat flawless diamond placed on a platinum band with a claw setting. It is a minimalist piece, but one that is worth 40,000 dollars. You would not think of that to be the price of it, would you? The untrained eye would perceive it as an ordinary piece, but the trained eye would spot its high level of craft. Perhaps that is just the impression Knightley’s designer aimed for while crafting it.

Julia Stiles

The engagement ring of Julia Stiles from her lover Preston Cook is surely an eye-catchy piece. It has a thoroughly modern style, with rose gold and a round shaped diamond set in a bezel ring setting. You cannot get more in 2016 than these, but it surely bucks the then trend for a flashy diamonds-set platinum band that the Hollywood fraternity seemed hell-bent on preserving.

Ginnifer Goodwin

The engagement ring of Ginnifer Goodwin is small, yet pretty spectacular. It is quite a refreshing change from all the sea of sparkle that one has seen rocking the hands of celebrities. It is a square shaped one carat diamond set in a platinum band, with channel-set shoulders as well as a sleek and contemporary design. You would perhaps go for a 1 carat ring if you fancy these features over a sparkly and ostentatious one.

Katy Perry

This singer, known for her hit track “Firework”, chose a modest ring when she married comedian Russell Brand. It is another round brilliant diamond and gold band affair, but while it is small in size, it is surely not insignificant in style quotient. Crafted in India years back with the comedian contributing to its design, the ring has a thick band with rather elaborate detailing along the diamond setting.

Mila Kunis

While Mila Kunis is one of Hollywood’s most desirable women, she still chose to marry the man with whom she had a romance in the reel life as a teen. She has always seemed down to earth, and Ashton Kutcher chose a platinum diamond ring with prong setting for her. The round diamond weighs about 2 to 3 carats, and the piece it is set in is rather low-key.

Christina Ricci

Another celebrity who has a piece that does not strictly follow the standard or popular norm is Christina Ricci. Probably taking design inspiration from classic pieces, she wears a conventional gold band with three diamonds. All three stones on it weigh one carat a piece. However, the centerpiece is slightly larger; hence it stands out from the rest. Who said convention and modernity cannot go hand to hand?

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