Steps in Buying a One Carat Diamond Ring

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Numerous couples choose to buy a one-carat diamond ring because it is considered a benchmark size of an engagement ring. If you are planning to buy a 1 carat ring, here are some of the steps you can follow in making your purchase.

Pick Up the Appropriate Style for your Ring

It is always good to have an idea about the ring style you want to use, even before you go for selecting a center stone. Most of the styles of rings go with the size of a one-carat diamond. You may choose to have a thin band if you want to feature a solitaire diamond. For achieving more sparkle and brilliance, you may choose a halo setting. The main stone will appear to be large along with the other smaller diamonds. Three stone setting also gives the same effect. The center diamond stone will look much bigger because of the complimenting side stones.

You are free to choose the diamond cut, which you want to have. If you love to have a normal one, you can opt for a round shape diamond. You may also choose any metal for the band of the ring.

Pick Up from the Best Cut Diamonds Available

There are 4c’s of a diamond, which determines its quality. However, among color, clarity, carat weight, and cut you should in no way make a compromise for the cut quality. This is because it is the cut of a diamond, which determines its beauty largely. If a diamond is well cut, it can hide the inclusions in a low clarity diamond and the lower graded color will be hidden. Besides, the diamond will appear much larger than its original size because of the high sparkle.

Choose the Best Color Grade

The color grade of a diamond largely affects its price. It is wise to choose a lower color grade diamond, which has a white appearance in the setting that you have already chosen. Choose the color grade according to the color of the metal you have chosen for setting the diamond.

Choose Lower Clarity Grades

Since it is a one-carat diamond that you are buying, it is not necessary to give much importance to the clarity grade. Even if you chose a higher clarity stone, it does not make much difference except that it will increase the price of your diamond. A diamond with VS2 clarity will be appropriate. Even most of the SI1 and SI2 diamonds appear inclusion free to the naked eye.

Keep these steps in mind while you purchase your one-carat diamond engagement ring.

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