What Is the Difference between Carat Weight and Total Carat Weight?

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One Ct Diamond
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The price of a diamond ring is largely determined by the value of the diamond that it holds. Diamonds on different rings come in different shapes, sizes, and colors, and hence, ring prices vary. The number of stones on different rings can vary as well. You can have anywhere from one to fifty stones set on a band. You may have noticed on comparing prices that larger stones are more valuable than groups of smaller ones. This is to say, a solitaire (having a single studded gemstone) one-carat diamond ring is more valuable on the market than one set with ten small diamonds with the same collective carat weight.

Generally you see a lot of rings with price tags mentioning something called the total carat weight, which can mislead a prospective buyer as long as they do not know the difference between that and carat weight.

Carat Weight

When describing the characteristics of a diamond, the carat weight is one of the four basic things which need to be mentioned. Carat is the established unit used to denote the weight of a diamond. One carat equals 0.2 grams. When grading a diamond, this is the first thing to be examined. It is represented as CW. Carat weight always refers to the weight of a single stone.

Total Carat Weight

The total carat weight of a ring denotes the total weight of all the diamonds studded on it. This is denoted by CTW, and does not speak to the number of diamonds on the ring, but just gives the sum total of the weight of all the diamonds.

The difference between carat weight and the total carat weight must be known well in order to understand the pricing methods employed when it comes to mounted diamonds.

While shopping for diamonds, one should also be familiar with the color, clarity and cut of the stones they are examining, because these factors too can affect its pricing. Oftentimes, cheaper diamonds would be the more ideal for a particular customer, and here, carat weight is often a sore point of contention. Since the carat weight of a diamond would not be included on the price tag of the ring it is set on, consumers can easily get cheated into believing they have picked out a ring worth buying, when it fact they may have not. If you get equal figures for total carat weight and carat weight when comparing a multi-stone ring with a solitaire one, then the latter would undoubtedly cost more. Going in with this understanding would serve you well in the long run.

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