What Is Your Average Engagement Ring Diamond Carat?

One Ct Diamond
One Ct Diamond
One Ct Diamond

People consider the so-called 4 diamond C’s, carat, cut, color, and clarity when they shop for engagement rings. As for average customers, perhaps the most significant of those factors is the stone’s carat weight. Have you ever thought about what your nation’s average ring diamond carat weight is? Here, we will discuss what plays a part in the carat weight, as well as some other pieces of information about it.

The Factors At Play In Determining The Weight

Several factors, including demographics and location, affect that weight. For instance, in the US, one ct diamond is that national average. On the other hand, it comes down to 0.60 carats in the UK, and 0.50 carats in Europe.

Another factor is the potential wearer’s age. Customers in their late 20’s or early 30’s, usually choose 1 to 2 carats for their diamonds. The older the buyer is, the bigger the stone would be, most possibly because they have more savings. Naturally, living longer means having more savings for this kind of purchase. For them, buying a one carat diamond ring may not be a big deal. Speaking of diamond carat size, have you wondered how big is too big?

What Is Regarded As A Big Diamond Engagement Ring?

You can easily be obsessed with purchasing a large diamond as you shop for the jewelry piece. That is partly because everyone buys into the ‘bigger the better’ notion. According to jewelry experts, the bigger this stone, the poorer would be its quality. People believe the said notion largely because of social media. To be more precise, diamond information on social networking websites contributes to making that notion widespread.

Even the idea of a large engagement ring diamond is subjective. That is to say, it is relative to every single person’s finger. One ct diamond rings on size four engagement fingers can appear quite large, whereas those could look relatively smaller on size eight fingers.

That is not the only thing at play in determining how large an engagement ring looks. Another contributing factor is the stone’s shape. An elongated diamond that weighs one carat, such as one with a pear or oval cut, appears bigger than a diamond with a square cut when viewed face-up. For all those reasons, we would not recommend focusing on a particular carat figure or the size appearance of your ring diamond. Instead, give more importance to other factors such as the stone’s clarity, cut, and so forth.

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